E-Commerce Web Design: Going Beyond User Interface

The internet has become a source of convenience in numerous aspects of our lives. More and more people opt to shop online as it gives them the luxury of doing so wherever they are and whatever time they want to. As such, e-commerce has become a booming business. However, e-commerce web design is not simply about the user interface that you choose for your site. There are numerous tips that you could integrate into the design of your website. This ensures that your potential customers are getting a wholesome experience. So what are some of the tips that will enable you to go beyond the user interface of e-Commerce web design?

1. Use Categories as Well as Sub-Categories:

For easier navigation in your website’s user interface, you should incorporate categories as well as sub-categories that are relevant to the goods and services that you are selling. These categories make it easier for your potential customers to find what it is they are looking for in the shortest time possible. Complex navigation is sure to frustrate your visitors, and this will lead to them opting not to buy anything.

E-Commerce Web Design

2. Have Filter Options:

Another way of making it easier for your customers to navigate through your eCommerce website would be using filter options. Filters enable potential customers to customize their search. These filters could be based on a number of things such as prices, recently added goods, user ratings, most popular items, and so on. By having filters, you help your potential customers save time when looking for a specific product, as they will not have to keep going back to the home page in search of one particular item.

3. Have Descriptions of Your Products:

A common mistake that most website owners make is simply having an image of the product accompanied by the price. Do no assume that your potential customers already know what the product can do for them. Always have a short description accompanying each product, as this will give them a sense of how the product can help their life. This will also lure the potential customer into clicking the image in order to get additional information, thus helping them decide on whether or not they will make the purchase. Keep your product descriptions brief and to the point, clearly stating their main features.

4. Have Information about the Different Prices:

It may sound like common sense to have the price listed along with the product image. However, many online businesses do not do so. Having the price clearly indicated will already give the customer a chance to decide whether they can afford it or not. In addition to price descriptions, also include discounts on items. This will go a long way in encouraging your potential customers to purchase more than one product online and thus boost your eCommerce sales.

By making use of these tips and eCommerce web design by Sutton Silver, you will find that your eCommerce website will go a long way in increasing your profit margin.

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