February 22, 2024
Followers Using Facebook Apps

Social media platforms are growing on a daily basis and offers fresh opportunities for brands to grow along with it. What was once started to socialize has now taken a different meaning. Advertisements, promotions, business and the like is a common phenomenon and Facebook is coming up with new options to increase its popularity and to stop it from getting bored. Encouraging fans on Facebook is a new technique that is put into practice by many brands. So, some interesting Facebook apps by Facebook that make the job easier. Lets us peek into some.


You might have heard of this many times and it might be little surprising to find this on the list. Images have the unique power to motivate and engage a visitor to purchase a brand. Marketers have realized this and Instagram has paved way for their dreams to make it true. The good thing about Instagram app is that images can be posted in it within the Facebook page. Now, that benefits Instagram, Facebook and your brand. Food, beverages, fashion brands and anything you like can be pictured. So make use of this app instantly. Install this into your FB page from http://instagram.com/.

Engaging with Followers Using Facebook Apps


The name might seem a little funny, but this app highlights fans who actively participate on your Facebook page. Once this app is installed, a tab by the name “Top fans” is added to the FB page. Fans of your page are encouraged by distributing points for posting on the wall, commenting and liking a page. Top fans are rewarded with perks. The statistics of each fan can also be viewed to judge their active participation. You have access to the full history of a particular fan of your page. Learn more about this app at www.Booshaka.com.


Perhaps, you could have used YouTube more than a thousand times but do you know that it plays an important role in Facebook Apps. Integrate YouTube into your FB page so that every fan can gain access to videos with less effort. YouTube has several apps but the best one would be “Pages by Involver”. This app is quick to install, has a pretty layout and enables easy sharing. The most recent videos will be displayed at its largest and this can be posted on the wall with two simple clicks. You can install it from http://www.facebook.com/YouTubeApp.


Similar to YouTube this app is also to do with videos. But, this app brings in live videos directly to your FB page. It comes along with a chat feature that makes the audience more interactive which is an added bonus. The live events can be recorded if you like to view it later. If you have this in your FB page, you will be the first site to display latest events. Isn’t that sufficient to make your brand go viral? Go to http://apps.facebook.com/livestream/ and install Livestream right away.


Would you like to open a store and operate within Facebook? You can by installing Ecwid in your FB page. This app combines with Google Checkout, PayPal, Authorize.net and other payment options making the payment process simple. A little bit of hard work is involved in setting up this app, but you will be rewarded for your efforts. Your store can easily attract thousands of customers to your services and products. The forums and customer support in Ecwid make you grow in to a successful e-commerce pro. Get started with Ecwid from www.ecwid.com.

Applications in your Facebook page increase your business opportunity. Have you tried any of these applications? If you have, you can share your experience below. If no, try and feel the difference.

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