Importance of Twitter Hashtags, What Actually They Are?

Importance of Twitter Hashtags, What Actually They Are

Be it Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Friendster or whatever network, socializing online has now become a part of people’s daily lives. It has become easier than ever to connect to people living poles apart. Even though they are millions of miles away, technically it is just a matter of one click to reach them in no time. Every network site strives to offer the best applications, a variety of uses and the most efficient functionality to its users in order to remain more competitive and efficient. For example, Twitter offers its users many applications to make twitter usage easy and fun. One of them is twitter hashtags. It has not only evolved over the period of time but has gained great importance and a wide variety of usage.

Build a Bigger Network:

Hashtags allow you to join in conversations of such issues that you want to become a part of. Here you can enter into direct tête-à-têtes and chats with people that are not even in your friend list or that are not your direct followers. You can get to know more people, get different inputs and comments and have a better understanding on the common topic under scrutiny. This can help you to build large communities of people interested in a particular topic.

Twitter Hashtag

Make Something Larger than It Already Is:

If you want others to talk about a particular issue all you need to do is use hashtags to let people take part in it. By hash-tagging an idea or an issue you make it possible for your friends’ friends to comment on the same issue. This can be an excellent and the easiest way to know the demand or popularity of your ideas, work or concepts.

Build Categories And Make Things Easy:

With Twitter hashtags it becomes easy for users to categorize the tweets of their favorite topics. Users can easily browse through a list of hash tagged topics available and make categories of their favorite ones. For example, there can be such categories as.

  • Business (within the category there can be several different hashtags like #jobs, #consumers, # technology, etc.
  • Education (within this category there can be different hashtags like #teachers, #elearing, #universities, etc.)
  • Entertainment (within this category there can be hashtags like #bones, #prisonbreak, #americanidol, #24 and many more)
  • Environmental issues (whiten this category there can be hashtags like #humanrights, #CSR, #health, #climate, etc.
  • Celebrities (within this category there can be different hashtags like #britneyspears, #ryanseacreast, #ralphloren, etc.)

Excellent Use in Journalism:

One efficient way to stay abreast of the latest issues is to use this application. Journalists can hashtag certain popular issues like #USAElections, #wallstreet and many more. People can then easily find these issues and participate in the conversations. At the same time journalists can know the response and reaction of the general public in an easy, stress free and cost effective manner.

All in all if used properly hashtags can be a very effective way to spread and exchange important and useful information. Moreover, it is as easy to use as it is effective. They are just tweets that help to share information and are made public to become a common issue. It is an excellent way of adding value and worth to the topic.

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