Putting that New Blog to Page Rank Stardom Effectively

Long time blog enthusiasts know that impressing people online and gluing their attention to a site takes more than mere design layout or traffic. Even well written articles are no guarantee, though they are a must. Aside from these factors, there ought to be a favorable Google page rank satisfactory Alexa rating. Know how to push a page rank higher.Putting that new blog to page rank stardom effectively needs lots of SEO hard work. Lots of sites attain this and get listed on page one in the top ten list. It all seems so easy but it all happened after so much SEO work plus a lot more. And here are some of the tasks needed on how to push a page rank higher.

Page Rank Stardom Effectively

Long Enough Quality Content:

The name of the game is really extensive quality content that covers different areas of information. If it’s about candy, it should not just say how sweet it is. People want to know where the ingredients come from, the processes involved in cooking, the machines and equipment used, perhaps some history, and probably some clinical findings to establish its safeness. So this takes lots of research.

Aside from correct grammar, contents should be unique and informative. Search engines like Google use monitors or bots (unseen online “robots”) to set apart good sites from bad and reward them accordingly. Making a good impression right at the start is a good idea to keep an outstanding record. If a blog keeps a clean record of quality contents for years, Google gives it credit.

Quality contents serve as the SEO backbone of a site. When back-links are linked to the blog, the search engine rewards will be worth it.

The articles should be long enough to be informative enough. The length itself, however, is not the important thing. Length is just to allow quality information to fit all in. Do not clutter articles with just anything to attain length. Make sure to research and fill the write-ups with unique information.

Back-links from Another Blog:

Google weighs back-links to decide the relevance of a site to its users. The back-link also earns a vote of confidence for the blog if it connects from a powerful source to the blog. Thus, it is highly recommended for the blog owner to contribute articles to such powerful sites as guest writer and create back-links traceable to the owner’s site.

It’s either requesting to be a guest writer of a powerful site, or being invited, that a blogger gets to be guest writer. Better if one knows someone who has an authoritative website that ranks high on search engines and ask to be a regular guest blogger there. A new blog will benefit remarkably when this happens. And this would be easily putting that new blog to page rank stardom effectively.

It’s quite unlikely that big websites would create links to a small site, unless that site is owned by Bill Gates or one that has super duper authority online. For most blogs, the owners will have to resort to guest blogging to have back-links that lead to their blogs placed on a page of a major site.

Guest blogging is by far the cheapest, most practical and most effective way to have back-links to a page that really work. Just make sure to have catchy and interesting articles, and that would do the trick. That’s how to push a page rank higher.

Links to Inner Page:

Provide links on articles to other pages of the same website. This gives value to the articles which Google also appreciates. This is ideal for websites with built-in blogs. If this is not provided, create one from another site and then link articles there to the website. It also helps to have satellites of blogs with back-links to the “mother” website. When these satellites are well developed for SEO, they will be powerful backups for the mother site.

With all the above tips, it will be easy putting that new blog to page rank stardom effectively.

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