Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

Your business card is a representation of yourself. You profession, your attributes, and your skills are all reflected in this simple slip of paper. You hand them out, drop them in jars, and post them to bulletin boards. But what does your card say about you? Here are some fun, creative, and unique business card designs that really stand out:

1. Yoga Mat:

Yoga Mat
Yoga Mat

This cool business card design was made to roll up just like a yoga mat. The tiny foam mat really sells the idea of the yoga studio.

2. Musical Comb:

Musical Comb
Musical Comb

This is another unique card idea. You remember the old music boxes that had a metal comp to produce the music? Well, now this business card/comb/musical instrument can be played with your fingernail! What a great idea for a hair salon that combines a love of music with a love for style.

3. Dental Floss:

Dental Floss
Dental Floss

A great dentist’s business card, this one features cut out teeth with floss threaded through them. How creative!

4. Roof:


This is a simple but great idea for a roofing company’s business card. The card is folded in half and the outside looks like a roof!

5. Weight Loss:

Weight Loss
Weight Loss

A personal trainer’s business card, this one features a peel able application to show the before and after of his personal training program. A great way to motivate people to work out!

6. Hair Pins:

Business Card Designs- Hair Pins
Hair Pins

This is a great idea for a useful and creative business card. A hair and makeup stylist used bobby pins to represent hair on the business card. It is certainly memorable!

7. Bike Tool:

Bike Tool - Business Card Designs
Bike Tool

This awesome business card design is super useful, but I imagine a bit expensive. Made of aluminum, the metal card has cut outs that will allow you to tighten the bolts on your bike and perform other essential maintenance. I can only imagine how long this bike repair company’s cards stick around!

8. Google It:

Google It - Business Card Designs
Google It

This is a great card design for an online business. Using the familiar Google search format, they managed to include their company’s web address and information in a way that is memorable and yet unique to business cards.

9. Cut:

Business Card Designs- Cut

This is a great business card design for film related industries. Shaped like a clapper, it even has the distinctive black and white pattern and a moveable piece. Both memorable and authentic, this business card is sure to get attention.

10. Chart:

Business Card Designs- Chart

Creative Business Card Designs:

This is a great and simple idea for an investment banker’s business card. The two sides represent when you buy and sell. What a great way to keep your eyes on the goal!

These cards all have one thing in common: they are a true representation of the person giving them out. Hopefully these cards will inspire you to put some serious thought into your business cards and what they tell people about who you are and what you can do.

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