Is making a Facebook page tough? When it comes to making your Facebook page, you would not find any issue as its simple enough, but when it comes to optimizing it then definitely troubles may occur for you. You may get hundreds of suggestions, some say that using keywords in the filenames of uploads will be beneficial. Whereas others narrate a different story, that linking up your entire URL with your fan page will work out. But to get the best plan to Optimize your Facebook Page would take a hell lot of time from your clock.

Tips to Optimize your Facebook Page:

So to ease your work I have listed a set of tips that would definitely help you to optimize your fan page.

1. Baptise your Facebook Page with the Best Name:

Optimize your Facebook Page
Baptise your Facebook Page with the best name

I know you may find that this point may be of no use, but I would like specify that this is the most basic step that you should take. You may actually get a huge crowd of fan following when the keywords that you use proves to be very attractive for your followers, like “Bob’s Bakery – Muffins, Bagels, Cookies, Breads – Catering & Events.” But you should be actual pay allot of attention on the topic that you are using. At times such pages may cause harm to the user’s profile, as if such keywords bring you allot of spam then the followers may even avoid using it. Also just imagine if your followers hide your updates from the news feeds then surely you may fall in an unending slope.

And also don’t try to get a name that doesn’t symbolize your business, or rather something different from the actual reason. Also if you post some keywords like Travel, Sports, Fishing, etc, then you might by paving path for Facebook to snatch the right to post from you.

Also make sure that you give a pretty good weight to your first word as this affects allot on your ranking on Google.

2. Get a Customized URL:

Get a customized URL - Optimize your Facebook Page
Get a customized URL

This is somewhat that I really like about Facebook. Facebook automatically gives you your own URL once you reach the extent of twenty five likes. Getting a separate URL is really a big deal for your business, as they play a great role in case of your ranking on a search engines. Also if due to some reasons you find that another fan page has claimed your business’ name already, then the best remedy is that you should mention what your business is all about in the URL

3. Use Keywords in the Appropriate Location:

Use keywords in the appropriate location
Use keywords in the appropriate location

As the old style goes, the keywords do play a vital role in optimization. So in such a case you should play a big deal attention on the headings like About section, Mission, and Company Description, as they are the ones that are pulled from your website by the search engines.

Also if you want your page to be optimized for your local searches you should especially concentrate on the information that you include in the City, State, and Zip. And if you’re into the product related searches then you need to keep a check on the Company Overview, Mission, and Products. So location is a big issue that can reflect you.

4. Let your Followers Contact You- Include your Address and the Phone Numbers:

Let your Followers Contact You- Include your Address and the Phone Numbers
Let your Followers Contact You- Include your Address and the Phone Numbers

Now the topic would have put you in a deep thought, but that’s really important as there are many businesses that don’t include their contact details on their page as they whole heartidly dedicate the sales based on the online traffic. Also do remember that indexing your brand for local search results is crucial to growing your Facebook fan page.

Also as a matter of fact, Google pays a big importance to the websites that specify their information.

5. Do Create Backlink to your Fan Page on the Surviving Channels:

Next point of concern in the list is that you need to keep a check on the inbound links to your page, the more authoritative your page is according to Google, and you will be ranked higher. Also it becomes a big concern for the bloggers who refer other websites and blogs to form their own content.  And the same philosophy applies to Facebook fan page too. So now the next step is all on your sensitivity that where it is appropriate, include a link to your fan page from your other digital channels.

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