How to Work Creatively With Time Tracking Apps? Manage Your Time

How to Work Creatively With Time Tracking Apps

While it’s pretty clear why is it important to track the omnipotent time, many still look for tools that automate the process. Time Tracking Apps are therefore used to serve the purpose.

Billing clients based on wild guesses or random figures can’t really work. It might seem just OK to work initially, however, it’s likely to become a pain later. Repeatedly sending approximate invoices could tarnish your reputation, as it’s not par with professionalism. Probably, that’s why a freelancer or a service provider should know the accurate number of hours put in, to charge in the most apt manner.

Time Tracking Apps

Ensuring your invoices are calculated sharply could be one reason why you would use a time tracking  application. It obviously is the very obvious excuse to step-in to a time tracking application, but that doesn’t stop you from thinking beyond that little box you’re in most of the time.

Unusual Ways to Work with Time Tracking Apps:

Motivate Yourself:

So, how long are you planning to delay before getting that project off your books? Button-on your time tracking app and vow to get it done before a particular day or time. Let’s say, commit yourself an hour before you test an application for bugs”. This sure would release some pressure off your head. How? That tickling countdown would encourage you to go for the kill before time runs out. This is definitely very effective. Do try it !

Care for Introspection:

You think you want to look at yourself closely? Start tracking how you spend your time on a daily basis. Track even the slightest of your deeds during the day.  Let’s say, you’re off for a coffee break, track that. Or you’re going to spend some time talking on phone, track that too.

Don’t bother if its business or a personal activity, track everything you can to look inside you and know yourself.  What this would do, is that it would tell you where does most of your time fly. You would realize some great facts by the end of the week, so that you know where should you put your best foot.

Pricing Set-up:

Like any other professional, you are expected to track anything and everything you do while working. This could be regardless of the fact that you charge by the hour or by the project. Your estimates could completely be off-base when you’re a novice. Once you get into the feel of the time tracking process, you would find out that you were being underpaid, or let’s say you were charging way below, while the projects took longer. Understanding your daily tasks better would help you make your job much simpler and accurate, and get you what you actually deserve.

Don’t Overlook the ‘Extras’:

Tracking time to improve your estimates is one thing, managing and keeping track of your records is another. Make sure you get your time tracking records on the books. A few weeks down the line and you will be in a better position to calculate and measure the amount of time spent on administrative tasks. You could further weigh the extra time spent against your hourly rate. See how much extra you could earn and alter your hourly rate accordingly.

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  1. This is a nice written piece. I’ve always thought about doing more and tracking less though.

    I guess, I’ll just try out Invoicera to see how it covers time tracking.

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