PDF2Office Xmas Specials for the iTunes & Mac App Stores

PDF2Office, one of the most popular converters for consumers looking to transform PDF documents into popular document formats for iWork, InDesign, and Powerpoint is available at a steep discount to consumers for a limited time. Various versions of the software program have been discounted for the Christmas season, with discounts as deep as 50% available to consumers. This means users who have yet to invest in the high-quality product can take advantage of lower prices than ever before, purchasing the product for their Mac computer or iPad through the appropriate App Store.

iTunes App Store Discounts:

For users who rely on PDF2Office products on iOS devices, 30% discounts are available on an assortment of different products. These include PDF2Office for iWork. This tool is ideal for users who count Apple’s proprietary iWork suite among their arsenal of productivity utilities. Converting to Keynote, Pages, and Numbers on the iPad is simple with this tool. For a limited time, the software can be purchased for only $10.99 in the iTunes App Store.

PDF2Office Xmas Specials for the iTunes

PDF2Office Business and PDF2Office Lite are two other products available to iPad users at a discount during this special discount period. PDF2Office Business is a smart solution for users who rely on the Microsoft Office suite of tools, making it easy to convert PDFs into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OmniGraffle files. This package is also available for $10.99. Users who only need PDF conversions in RTF and text files may instead wish to invest in PDF2Office Lite for only $1.99.

Mac App Store Discounts:

While mobile apps are a draw for customers on the move, PDF2Office also offers several conversion tools for desktop Macs. These include PDF2Office SE for iWork 2, which is great for users converting to Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. For a limited time, the product can be purchased at a 50% discount on Mac App Store, meaning the product is only $29.99, making it a veritable steal for the computer.

In addition to PDF2Office SE for iWork 2, shoppers may wish to take advantage of discounted tools like PDF2Office Standard 6, which is the equivalent product for those hoping to convert to popular Office formats. It took can be purchased for only $29.99. Finally, PDF2Office for OmniGraffle is available for converting to OmniGraffle, RTF, and text files. This product can be purchased for the discount price of $34.99 on the Mac App Store.

Rather than struggling to convert files to more manageable formats, PDF2Office products make it easy for any user to seamlessly convert any file. The suite of products is a powerful solution at an affordable price. The discounted prices make these products more reasonable than ever before though users will want to take advantage of the software prices as quickly as possible. All of these Xmas specials are valid throughout the next year, meaning shoppers can purchase a great product at a cheap price.

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