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In a music loving society, the one aim is to get music to the audience and lead the audience towards music in the most efficient and enjoyable way. Musicians, singers, bands, soloists and instrumentalists need to find a simple and effective way to be heard and the one way is through efficient use of Search Engine Optimization on YouTube.  These tips should be followed by both for professional and amateur musicians on a national and international level for maximum advantage. Here are YouTube SEO Tips for Musicians.

YouTube SEO Tips for Musicians:

Musicians, bands and groups who have a website need to steer traffic to that site to be better know, more enjoyed and for their own future development.  Proper use of website will not only improve rankings but will also ensure that musicians and bands move higher up in rankings.  All it takes is some guidance and perseverance.

YouTube SEO Tips for Musicians

The following are some tips to be followed to have your website at the top of the charts along with your music.

1. Select the Right Keyword:

Whatever the situation, it all boils down to effective keywords selection.  Keywords should be restricted to 5-10, no more and no less.  It pays to put oneself in the place of users and think as to what keywords they would search in order to be steered to content such as yours.  It would be a good idea to include the following:

  • Your name
  • Name of your band
  • Name of your style of music
  • Location

2. Addition of META Tags:

These are special keywords that will be used and will need to be inserted into the HTML of a website.  With effective META Tags, given a relevant title and description, it guarantees home page showing up on Google and other search engines.  These should be descriptive, draw immediate attention and instigate the users to visit and delve further.

3. Link Exchange:

Is another point that musicians should keep in mind.  Exchanging links with other websites is of prime importance as it increases the incidence of back-links to your site.

4. Social Networking and use of Real Words:

Social networking is one of the best ways to spread word about your music.  YouTube offers unlimited facilities to musicians to announce concerts, sell tickets, download songs, etc.  Use of real words is advised as against just posting of videos or MP3 players on the website that have no real words involved.  Google cannot read either of these and hence the user should adopt real words to spread knowledge of what your website is all about.

5. Meet Audience in the Real World:

Solo musicians and music groups should also keep in mind the importance of attending YouTube meetings and YouTube gatherings or even exploring the possibility of hosting some of these privately.  This will encourage face to face interaction while at the same time will be vital for strengthening presence on YouTube site through a more direct approach.

6. Host a Live YouTube channel show:

Doing a live stream show with some audience by inviting them to join you on YouTube will be an exciting proposition.  Musicians could answer questions, conduct music contests and interact with audience on YouTube which is a much more innovative way than to just upload a music video.  It is not only more personal but more memorable to boot.

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