4 Sustaining Trends of Web Design – Advances in Technologies

Trends of Web Design

A trend usually requires a long period of time to take place and it will stay for a long time before it fades away. Similarly, web design trends have staying power and nothing new will replace them in a few months. In the design industry, the work you create will have a risk of short life if you focus only on the latest style and looks. Conversely, your work will not look outdated and will stay current if you understand the real trends of the design industry. Therefore, it is important to explore the trends of web design that will sustain in the online world.

1. Adopt Unpretentious and Simple Trends of Web Design:

It is the easiest trend to follow the unpretentious, warm and simple designs to give your website an inviting look. It is possible to achieve such a look with a combination of hand drawn or hand written elements, subtle colors, agreeable typography, and fine textures. Such visual cues relate to the relaxation and friendly environment making your website look warm and inviting. This trend with easy going, simple and inexpensive look is most suitable for service industries. It is important to have readable typography with grainy and subtle textures to achieve a particular feel.

Adopt Unpretentious and Simple Trends of Web Design

2. Enhance Dramatically with Appealing Typography Trend:

There are no more limitations of typefaces for the web designers since web font foundries allow a large number of fonts to dramatically enhance their web design with appealing typography. With this opportunity, designers are paying attention to the typography making your site look attractive. Rich typography will provide benefits to every site since it makes a website visually appealing for the visitors. Many web fonts are available for free, while some may have associated cost or charges. You should use different font styles and font sizes for headline and body text that can give the best results.

3. Use Bold and Large Headlines to Engage Users:

In the industry of web design, it is relatively a new trend to use large and bold headlines. The individuals and companies are using this approach in the web design to engage the users and gain their interest. If you are making an announcement or offer, large and bold headlines will give a good impact on the readers. For headlines, you should use oversized and bold font to grab the attention of readers. It is most suitable to use big and bold headlines to create a strong sense in your web design.

4. Create A Design Grid of Solid Block Trend:

This trend introduces a design grid featuring blocks of text and photos with solid color. It will not distract the users and offers an organized and quick overview of your website content. You can use this approach for a variety of web designing projects including personal portfolios, social networks and corporate websites. The contrast of text and image blocks with solid color blocks spice up your website and stimulates users to explore it. Your web design should remain consistent by keeping the blocks around for home page as well as inside pages.

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  1. It’s always a good idea to keep it simple and “sustainable” as you put it instead of trying to hop on whatever’s the new hot trend at the moment. I mean, unless you want to have to redesign your website every year, that is.

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