Social Marketing: Selection Between Facebook and Twitter

Social Marketing - Facebook vs. Twitter

In days gone by, the most desirable platforms for advertisement were Radio, TV and Print.  Nowadays, if you do not have an e-commerce or product promotion website, you might as well be winking to a lady in the dark. Social Marketing enjoys a position at the epicenter of all these advertising campaigns with Facebook and Twitter being the major forces to be reckoned with.

Social Marketing:

The decision on whether to focus on Facebook or Twitter for your advertising campaign can be tough. However, there are several features that can help you decide on the best option to go for. To start with, it is important to look at the popularity of the sites. Most marketers will tell you it is easier to get a Twitter following that it is to get fans on a Facebook page. This is mainly due to the fact that Twitter has a very easy to use interface and is highly engaging, your posts potentially being rebroadcast over and over as retweets. Facebook on the other hand is a little tough to work with. Previously, it was hard to share information but using the new share feature, your broadcasts can find some similar success to Twitter.

Social Marketing - Facebook VS Twitter

Facebook vs. Twitter:

Another reason why marketers like Twitter is because it is highly interactive. You can actually use Twitter to directly communicate with customers and deal with their concerns. Facebook on the other hand is quite difficult to set up at first. It needs fans to take initiative and like your page, otherwise you cannot reach them. However, once you have got their attention, it is very easy to even turn a Facebook fan page into a blogging platform. Interaction level in Facebook is usually quite low, around 2% between companies and customers. However, there are tricks that you can use to make the audience more responsive to your posts.  Polls, competitions, incentives are all available to the disposal of a Facebook Fan page admin.

Another Twitter advantage is that it is possible to search for keywords that are related to your niche. When using Facebook, it is usually very difficult to reach people who you are not friends with. However, you can go around this by adding them to groups or tagging them in posts. Facebook has an advantage in that your posts and status updates usually stay and are available to anyone that might need to read them. Twitter fails to have this feature but it is still possible to get some of your earlier posts on the Twitter feed.


Generally both Facebook and Twitter are great platforms through which you can advertise your products and win new customers. You just need to learn how to make both work well for you. Marketing teams often employ the use of both and syndicate their activity across the two platforms, your catchment potential can double in size and when you have more likes and fans; you’ll have more customers and revenue.

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