Web Design Tips for Your Drupal E-Commerce Website

Many smart businesses have woken up to the importance of E-Commerce.  This sector of online market focuses primarily on the selling or buying of products and services over the internet. The foremost step towards grabbing this part of the customer base is to acquire an E-Commerce website for your business. Till date, Drupal Consulting has been providing the best and the simplified E-Commerce solutions to businesses across the globe. The Drupal E-Commerce module is thriving with its easy setup which can be effortlessly adjusted according to your needs. Here are some essential web design tips you can consider while setting up your Drupal E-Commerce website.

Drupal E-Commerce Website:

Drupal offers a wide variety of modules that address several major and minor features. The E-Commerce tools you employ on Drupal will strictly depend on your timeline and business needs. Most of the upcoming sites use Drupal 6 which offers the following two commerce systems you can choose from.

Web Design Tips for Your Drupal Site


This is one of the most full-fledged and automated E-Commerce system that has been designed to operate out of the box without demanding any written codes. It integrates the standardized shopping cart specifications with various shipping and payment services. The system has also been linked to scores of other modules and about 18,000 live sites. Therefore, you can easily  get the support for the requisite functionality.


The latest version has been cropped to provide the basic E-Commerce API which incorporates the features you need in order to build a commerce functionality. Unlike Ubercart, this system provides a small pool of users and contributors. Hence, you may have to go in for further Drupal module development, if you choose this system.

Secure the Login and Checkout Pages:

The Secure Page Module in the Drupal commerce solution allows you to safeguard all the paths on your E-Commerce website through an easy pattern matching. In order to exercise this feature, all you need is to install an SSL certificate. Once this is done, you can directly browse the module’s administration format and further configure the security pages. You will have to secure discrete paths depending on the module you are using. You can also issue tracker or consult the related module’s documentation for further information on securing the pages.

Reduce the Noise on the Pages:

Another Web Design Tips is, make sure your customers do not encounter the unnecessary background noise when they end on the checkout form. In case of a distraction by the noise, the customer can be easily diverted from completing the sale. However, Drupal provides certain features that allow you to trim down the unwanted noise on the checkout pages so that your customer can easily focus on paying the money. The core block feature by Drupal Consulting permits you to easily conceal all the widgets and blocks in the non-content area of your E-Commerce site.

Use Views to Create the Custom Upsell Pages and Product Catalog:

The View feature is the forerunner among all the Drupal contributed modules. This amazing module allows you to filter and scan through all the content on your E-Commerce Website and aids in displaying it in the grid, list and table format. Both the E-Commerce and Ubercart systems have been integrated with the Views facility. Therefore, now you can easily craft popular product displays, related product blocks and the custom product catalogs. In addition, you can also associate all these products with each other using the Drupal’s Core taxonomy System. This also enables you to add the Views option to the shopping cart pages so as to upsell similar items and products to your consumers while they shop. In this way, the Views feature aids in grabbing more sales b pumping up your product presentation.

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