12 Must Have WordPress Plugins for SEO

Many have come to realize the power of blogging and have started their very own blogs. Some maintain a blog as a personal diary, while some create professional blog portals. No matter, what kind of a blogger you are, you are always looking to improve your blog in any way possible. Now, one blog site that has dominated the world of bloggers is WordPress. In order to increase hits on your blog, you need to familiarize yourself with plugins. Out of the thousands of plugins available specifically for WordPress, there are 12 WordPress Plugins for SEO that will surely help you SEO optimize your blog.

Here they are:

WordPress SEO by Yoast:

This plugin analyses your post, URL, description, title and image and makes sure that you have an apt SEO focus. You can even configure it according to your requirements. WordPress SEO by Yoast also has a feature that allows you to import data from other plugins. It is a complete SEO plugin available out there, offering you everything you need to optimize your blog.

WordPress Plugins for SEO

W3 Total Cache:

W3 total Cache specializes in increasing page speed. This plugin, when combined with WordPress SEO by Yoast, can do wonders for your blog.

WordPress Backup To Dropbox:

When you use certain plugins, they tend to crash and you might encounter fatal errors. When this happens, you might lose all your data and posts. This is why backup is important. WordPress’s integration with Dropbox enables you to back up all your stuff online, which you can access anywhere. This not exactly an SEO plugin, but SEO won’t help you much if you lose your data. You can even schedule automatic backups with this tool.

Broken Link Checker:

Broken Link checker actually checks all the content relevant to your website, including missing pictures and broken links and informs you if they are found.

WP Super Cache:

WP super cache produces static HTML files and is reputed as an extremely fast caching plugin. Its ability to work on any hosting service has earned this plugin quite some popularity.

Akismet WordPress Plugins for SEO:

Everyone who has a blog has to deal with spams. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to tell the spams from the real comments. This problem can be solved with Akismet. All you have to do is run the comments through Akismet and the plugin separates the spam from the good ones.

Google Analyticator:

This particular plugin connects your blog to Google Analytics and provides you with an overview in analytics on your dashboard. This plugin too is offered by Yoast.

Login Lockdown:

Any hacker is going to try to log into your account multiple times. Login lockdown recognizes logins which have been forced and locks down the login process when it comes across one.

WP Smush.it:

File compression is the specialty of this website and it does so by taking off unused color and Meta data from your index. Any image that you might upload on your website goes through this plugin automatically.

Google XML Sitemaps:

Probably one of the most essential SEO plugins of all time, this one is supported by Ask.com, Yahoo as well as MSN. As the name suggests, this plugin creates sitemaps and thus makes your blog more visible on search engine results.

Meta Robots WordPress Plugins:

This plugin is a very useful one as it does SEO for your blog by controlling the indexing process of search engines. This drastically improves the search rankings of your blog.

Redirection WordPress Plugins for SEO:

This is a unique plugin that allows you to move your pages to other places on your blog. It helps with 301 redirects and sets up an RSS feed for errors.

John has been an SEO consultant for over five years at Ranking By SEO India. He has always tracked the activity of the search engines and believes that one needs to be vigilant with SEO in the modern times to generate results. He has also been a fan of Top SEO Company India and highly recommends people to work with trusted companies there.

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  3. Mohd. Abuzar Khan

    I have used WP Super Cache, Yoast SEO, and WP Smush.it for my wordpress sites and i am very much satisfied with these plugins. These all are awesome plugins.

  4. Nice complication..the list goes a long way and some notable mention should also include Wordfence Security, Hyper Cache and All in One SEO Pack

  5. Try Redirection for fixing broken links. Additionally you can use it to track and shorten referral links in WordPress.

    Its available from the WordPress plugins directory.

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