Combining Social Media for Blogging, How to Integrate

If you are creating a blog that goes with your online business, then you will want to make use of a number of social media platforms to spread information about your blog. There are many platforms available, but by combining three of the most popular – Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – you can really reach out to a huge number of people on a varied collection of networks.

Using Facebook to Promote Your Blog:

On Facebook, you will want to set up a company fan page, individual staff pages and even fan pages for all of your major products and brands. The idea is to use these pages as a place where interesting, informative and entertaining links are shared about your products or your industry. Use it in a professional way that always informs or entertains.

Facebook Social Media

The ultimate purpose of doing this is so that your clients share your links with their Facebook friends, ideally bringing them onto your page and making them follow you as well from sheer interest.

Using Twitter to Seed the Internet:

Twitter can also be a very good way to reach hundreds of thousands of people with your message and is very popular among Social Media platforms.. By using the right hash tags with ideal keywords, you can generate a lot of buzz around your posts on your blogs. People who are interested in those topics will be discovering your blog posts on an ongoing basis just because you used the right keywords.

On Twitter, you can also build up a very large follower base in just a short amount of time. People tend to follow Twitter users on a much less personal basis than on other networks so it is easy to get thousands of followers. You can use this network to create real quality products and services.

Pinterest for Images:

Pinterest is a lot like Facebook, but is geared more towards short blog posts and images. It is used often by creatives such as artists, photographers, designers, writers and more. The idea behind the site is that it is more of a creative social network, where users can share inspiring or highly imaginative pictures. Photos of art, food, culture and much more are very common.

Ideally, you will keep a completely professional and interesting tone throughout all of your blog postings. It has been shown that the best way to build up a good reputation on the Internet is by positioning yourself as a professional in your industry.

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