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A few months back, Adobe rolled out an extensive set of tools and services that helped the web designers in creating appealing content for websites. These tools, collectively known as Adobe Edge tools, are the latest design tools from the most popular software giant. Since years, it has been Adobe’s tools that had set the standards of digital media. And with Edge, Adobe is moving a step ahead and is trying to set the standards of World Wide Web! Adobe’s Edge tools allows the web designers and developers to create wonders using the latest web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. Edge Family or the suite of web development tools is available with Creative Cloud membership (free as well as paid). And now, it’s high time we get started with the Edge tools.

Adobe Edge Animate:

As the name suggests, it’s the new tool that helps you in creating interactive or animated content using the web standards like CSS, HTML and JavaScript. It’s one of the best tools that web designers can rely on while deploying motion graphics in websites. With Edge Animate, you can design engaging HTML content and add motion to HTML elements and graphics using the powerful editor. And, you can increase the speed of the animation process using Revolutionary Pin tool and create nested timelines and nested animations using symbols.

Adobe Edge Reflow:

Edge Reflow, a tool ideal for web designers for creating responsive layouts and CSS visuals. The new tool with an HTML-based design interface helps you design simultaneously for various screen sizes. You can also generate a number of styles using native web surface through CSS.

Adobe Edge Code:

One of the best code editors ever, helps you in writing codes for HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Edge Code is a tool that you can use for coding the web and quick editing. You can also speed up the web development process and create an integrated visual design with this tool. Edge Code is an open source tool that allows skilled web designers to customize the editor as they like and contribute new features.

Adobe Edge Inspect:

Edge Inspect, allows you to wirelessly pair any iOS or Android device with your computer, even multiple devices at the same time. You can also target a device, make various changes to your CSS, JavaScript and HTML and check the update instantly on the targeted device. With Edge Inspect, you can take screen shots from the connected devices by pressing a single button, and share it with your friends.

Adobe TypeKit:

With TypeKit, you can add fonts that support desktop browsers as well as mobile browsers in just seconds. You can choose the perfect font from the thousands of fonts available and if you are not sure of what you want, TypeKit also recommends certain fonts for your website that you can choose.

Adobe Edge Web Fonts:

Similar to Adobe TypeKit, with Edge Web Fonts, you can access the vast library of web fonts, contributed by Adobe, Google and web designers across the globe. You can use any font you like on your website and integrate Edge Web Fonts with other Edge tools like Edge Animate, Edge Code and Edge Reflow.

Adobe PhoneGap Build:

PhoneGap Build Tool, the best tool for building mobile apps, helps you in creating great mobile apps with CSS, JavaScript and HTML. You can also deploy apps to multiple platforms like iOS, Blackberry, Android, webOS, Windows Phone and Symbian devices by building them with the latest SDK available.

Now, what else do you need? With Adobe Edge Tools and Services, you can create interactive and responsive web layouts, with fabulous commercial fonts and innovative codes, sync with any device and create mobile apps in the cloud. That’s not all, there’s a lot more possible with Edge Family that you should never miss.

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