'Modern.ie' Website Optimization Tool

Microsoft has just launched a very unique tool called Modern.ie that will greatly help web designers. It has a wizard that can scan your code and even gives ideas on how you can modernize the website. The purpose is to improve user experience (UX). Thus, it is an innovative tool for testing the efficacy of a website from the web users’ point of view.

Microsoft’s ‘Modern.ie‘ Website Optimization Tool

How it Works?

Modern.IE is an easy-to-use testing mechanism for website developers. The designer just has to enter the web address of the site to be tested. You can also test websites to see if they will work efficiently across different browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome. When you have tested a site with Modern.IE, the tool will answer some key question, like:

  • Is your code modern enough to suit most operating systems?
  • Will the site load and work efficiently on different browsers?
  • Is the website suitable for touchscreen devices as well as keyboard/mouse operation?
  • Is the website compatible with different screen sizes like TVs, desktops, laptops, tablets, notebooks and smartphones?

The tool also provides suggestions and ideas on how to optimize the site and solve these issues easily.


Testing in Cloud Environment:

In partnership with BrowserStack, Microsoft offers a versatile testing base to check if a website will work well on computers that operate on Linux, Mac, iOS, besides Windows. This is very essential because a site should be accessible on any kind of device, whether it is Windows-based or not. Only then will the site have greater online visibility. The test-browsers of BrowserStack, being in the cloud, can be used from anywhere and from any machine. So developers can test a website without any restrictions or non-compatibility issues.

To get a website honed to perfection, web designers spend a lot of time redoing, modifying and retesting. When the testing tool itself provides ready-made solutions to problems it saves a lot of designing time, effort and money.

What Does the Tool Look For?

Responsive Web Designing (RWD) is a must today. Most people access the Internet on their smartphones or tablets. They browse the Internet, network on social sites, conduct net-banking and shop online, and download videos and games. On the other hand some access Internet on very big TV screens. Modern.IE checks whether the website created is RWD compliant and whether it will automatically adjust its text and graphics to suit any screen size.

A website that has all the requisite buttons and links will naturally be more user-friendly. If it needs additional plug-ins for efficient performance it will discourage visitors. Modern.IE also checks whether the site provides a comprehensive set of navigation buttons and built-in tools so that plug-ins become redundant. Some plug-ins may not work on different operating systems. But if the website has its own complete set of tools that work with any OS, isn’t that perfect? Modern.IE also examines whether the site follows best practices pertaining to coding and naming so that there are no legal issues later on.

When developers use older versions of coding languages some common problems regarding compatibility may arise. An outdated version used in coding may not provide all the functionality for the website that is required in the modern cyber-world. Just as it checks for redundancies, Modern.IE also detects if some crucial element of the website is missing that could mean a difference between being RWD or not. The Microsoft technical support is available if any uncommon issues arise during website development.

The aim of Modern.ie is to help web designers to create responsive, clean and uncluttered, completely functional and glitch-free websites that enhance user experience.

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