When working on logo design there are two main principles that must be followed; concept and execution. This is where we will be able to differentiate and to draw the line between brilliant and busy. When creating a logo several different logo ideas will come to mind. However each of these ideas could take many different ways to bring them to life. With so many choices and directions to turn in how would you know the right one? A good designer will always know when he has overdone it. This does not only apply to making the logo too busy or crowed but also too simple.

Concept of Logo Design:

If you want to create a simple logo then the concept of that logo will have to be extremely brilliant. For simple logos abstract shapes will be just fine but the drawback is that they do not provide the necessary design that would offer much meaning or value. If you can achieve a logo such as which will communicate the message quickly then that will be a very successful logo. So, if the form or shape of the design is simple then you would need the rest of it to be the opposite.

Logo Design

Color Selection:

To achieve this one would have to make use of sophisticated and eye pleasing colors and well as interesting fonts and a creative layout that will quickly enhance the design of the logo and grab the attention of viewers to bring across the message. Keeping the icon and the name of the logo separate is another way to make simple logo effective. If the name of the company is layered on top of the logo then this may pose a challenge to read. By using simple colors and shapes those who view the logo will find it much easier to perceive the message. This also makes it easier to remember what they see. This is where we have to strike a balance. Remember less is more. A logo should be simple because simple means easy to remember. A simple logo will not be affected by time and styles changing.


Designs may be applauded when they are complex and a lot of colors and shapes are involved. Making an impressive design to impress doesn’t always get the job done. If you try to include everything you can about the company in the logo then it will become too “busy”. The message may not be clear anymore and viewers would just be lost in all the shapes and colors they see. They may even forget it after some time.

Too Busy Logos:

If after sometime you realize or feel that the logo is beginning to become crowed or too “busy” then you can try removing a few layers and details or you can try to simplify these as well. One effective way of doing this is using less contrast or color. Always ask yourself will this help or hinder? If it helps leave it in and if it hinders get rid of it and move along. Showing your concepts and designs to others often helps in moving in the right direction. Oftentimes designers will get too involved in the work and begin spending too much time and effort on the details which in turn causes us to lose the main point or the big picture.


Try to view the design with a fresh outlook as others from outside will not see the same things we see first. Display a few sketches and get some feedback. Find out what catches people’s eyes first and ask why they noticed that first. Find out if they can quickly gather the message or what they get from what they saw. No doubt you will be asking yourself these questions but it is always good to get another person’s perspective on things.

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