Tips For Writing An SEO Article That Survives

As we all know that everything has a fall. Critics now claim that by 2014, SEO will revolve around the genuine articles only and the survival for all other SEO tricks will become impossible. However, a genuine SEO article is the one which uses the tactics of SEO with efficiency and perfection.

How to write and SEO Article?

If you want to become an SEO survivor, then you must follow the following tips.

Tips For Writing An SEO Article

1. Give Life To Your Title:

An SEO writer hears a lot about how to make a title. However, for a perfect SEO title, you must know a few things. First of all, you should know that the search engines read the page URL, in which the web designers put the title of the article. It increases the chances of search engine optimization. However, most of the new SEO writers, and sometimes the expert SEO writers also, develop very poor titles just in the struggle of putting in the keyword. As the writers are aware of the tricks of search engine, similarly the search engine operators also know the tricks of SEO writers. Therefore, you should always make sure that your title contains keyword in the most genuine manner. A keyword that spoils the individuality of the title does not worth at all!

2. What Subtitles Say:

It is not necessary that you put a sub-title at every statement and sentence. Subtitles are particularly categories which describe the segments of an article. Your sub-titles should describe the theme of the paragraph and not the keyword. However, a unsegmented text also becomes over-whelming for the readers. Always make intelligent segments.

3. Keyword In Text:

The remaining text of the article, apart from the title and sub-title, should also contain keywords. It  will show the relevancy of the title and the text. The factual statements should be segmented from the remaining text, however, you should never put keywords in the factual statements. It is against the freedom of the reader.

4. Related Keywords:

It is very important that you use several other keywords related to the main keyword also. It decreases the chances of the search engine to analyze your article on the basis of a keyword only, and the long-term survival becomes even easier!

Also, the chances of visibility on the search engine also increase, as the use of different keywords with the similar theme target a larger segment of the internet users.

5. Proofreading!

In the light of the aforementioned tips, proofread your article for ‘keywords and titles’. This type of proofreading is different from the other type of proofreading in which you check spellings, grammar and sentence structures etc.

Final Verdict:

There are several marvelous writers out there, who write astounding and very intellectual articles. However, they do not use SEO tricks which decrease the visibility and approach of their articles. The importance of SEO cannot be denied. However, the survival in the upcoming SEO world will become really tough for those, who continue using conventional tricks of SEO articles.

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