Web Designs With Beautiful Landscape Photos For Your Inspiration

Web Designs With Beautiful Landscape

Web designs are important. They help you feature your site and focus it in the way that you want. This becomes especially true and important when it is the photos and images that you want to display on your page. If you have a landscape page, for example, that you want to envelope in photographs that showcase the outdoors, the perfect theme in web design is just what you need. If you are not sure where to begin, the following are some of the greatest themes that you will find useful to you as you begin to build your landscape photo page.

Web Designs Samples:


Anan, by Themeforest, is a beautiful landscape photo template and design that works amazing for highlighting powerful outdoor images. The background of this template is a large photograph that will standout to your viewers and web traffic and make an instant statement. Overlaying these graphics are bolder images that can showcase more of the landscape and nature images that you desire. Other options in design exist through this theme as well. For those wanting a graphic landscape photo web design, Anan is a great option for you and your webpage needs.

Landscape Premium WordPress Theme:

The Genesis Theme Framework, by StudioPress, offers great landscape photography thee in the Landscape Premium option. This WordPress theme is perfect for those looking to highlight their own landscape photographs. There are many great features that make the photo and images the standout. Included in this list of features is a portfolio option as well as gallery for ease of web traffic use. A featured slider is located on the homepage and all the great image features can be controlled from the backend with ease. For this reason, if you are looking for a web design that will make your landscape photographs pop, this may just be the option for you.

Web Designs Landscape Premium WordPress Theme

Fotofolio Landscape:

There are many great landscaping websites that will highlight your photographs and outdoor images. Fotofolio Landscape is a great option in web designs. With this theme, a landscape photographer or those looking to make the best of their images can enjoy greatly the images they can post through the Fotofolio Landscape design page. Here you will find the many different options in image highlighting that you want in a portfolio design. Once again, the landscape images you love and want to showcase can greatly standout and find you the great format for exposure that you want and deserve on your page. You control the backend and promote and display your images as you see fit, allowing you to be creative and fun with your webpage design.

DeepFocus Photography WordPress Theme:

If landscape photographs are what you want and need in your webpage, then it is important that you know that there are pages out there that offer you the chance to highlight these photographs above all else. Landscape photographs will shine in the DeepFocus Photography WordPress theme. This theme focuses on bringing the photograph to light in theme colors that make your page standout. There are five options from which to choose in the hue of your page and this can allow you to create a backdrop that will provide your page with the beauty that you want and need in a photographic style you desire. Choosing DeepFocus will not disappoint you with the easy to use backend options and it will not leave your web traffic dissatisfied either.


Photoblogs and portfolios are important when you showcase your pictures on your website or webpage. If you want your landscape options to standout consider the beauty of the Phototoria web design option. This theme showcases your images in a bright and fun way that puts them at the forefront for your web traffic needs. You will find a featured slider that you can customize and the option to allow for custom posting on images as well.

Make your landscape pictures go viral with the included social media widgets for your page as well. All of these customizable features are easy to control from the backend and that means you can make your page everything you wanted it to be and more. Your landscape pictures will thank you for the focus that they get in this great design.

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