Which Websites & Plug-Ins Provide Backup to the WordPress?

Web-developers always remain in the search of best websites and plug-ins through which they can backup their daily WordPress. Though all websites and plug-ins do not provide the required services even paid services also don’t provide required results. If a backup for daily word-press is not created there are chances that after few years all content is lost.


It helps you in managing the multiple schedules. It enables you to select a type of backup and chose a schedule as well. Many backups can be created and it will allow you to check the files whether these are included in the backup or not.

Plug-Ins Provide Backup to the WordPress

WordPress Backup to Dropbox:

This plug-in is very easy to use and through this you can backup all database, media and WordPress of your website at Dropbox that works in minutes.

Online Backup for WordPress:

It offers 100MB as storage memory for the backup of the WordPress site. This plug-in can be downloaded online with many features. To get started, it helps in the configuration of checklist. You can back-up the files through to free storage memory or can email as well. The schedules can be set on daily or weekly basis. The required backups can be downloaded in ZIP file format. You can visit the support forum if you have any issue regarding this plug-in.


It synchronizes and backups continuously all media files, dashboard settings, revision, comments and posts of your website in real time.


This setup allows you to backup whole word-press installations including added plug-ins, widgets, SQL database and all other files. This allows you to schedule your backups and can be forwarded to Amazon S3, FTP Server, DropBox, Rackspace or even you can email these backup files to your account or can download on the desktop as well.


It is an effective and easy solution to all issues which are related to the WordPress backup. It protects your website from accidents and disasters. Though this plug-is offered with a price but if are not satisfied with its services, you may get your money back. It’s all features are as follow;

  1. Automated Backups
  2. Integrated Version Control
  3. Quick & Easy Migrations
  4. Easy to use
  5. Power of the cloud
  6. Dropbox Support
  7. Human level support
  8. Affordable
  9. Features at a glance
  10. Money Back Guarantee


This plugin can be downloaded online after paying 7$. It is considered as the simplest plugin that backups the WordPress sites and blogs. The restoration and protection is achieved with only few clicks. Its further features offer following services;

  1. Instant Backup
  2. Server-to-Server Technology
  3. Automatic Scheduling
  4. Restore Anywhere
  5. Protect Yourself Automatically
  6. Amazon S3 and Remote FTP Integration

All these details about the plugins will help you in saving your all WordPress data by creating backups and you can get more information about saving important data from different related websites and by downloading the related plugins.

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  1. in my opinion I prefer the Online Backup for WordPress plugin, it’s very simple and do a great service to backup your site.
    I use for my site the wordpress theme and I choice this plugin for it

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