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We can call this era a “Facebook era” because of the increasing trend of people engaging themselves with it. It has been proved that 1/5th of the world’s population in on Facebook and more than 2 billion on Twitter. Take a signal, any business online or offline without the assistance of social media sites would probably end up with miserable outcomes. Gear up your business strategies with the help of Facebook for the furtherance of your business, especially in eCommerce. Well, before you take off with business strategies it is vital to educate you with the information on who all are on Facebook and how they could help your business grow rapidly. Given that, this article lists out the different types of people that are on the Facebook and how to use them effectively to get your business rewarded.

We can broadly classify the types of Facebook users into two options. One is the customers and other being the businesses. The following statistics would give your clear information on customer and business people using Facebook by the year of 2012.

Who Uses Facebook and How It Influences eCommerce


People use Facebook for different purposes. Most of the times they tend to share their feelings, views, happiness, etc. via Facebook. It is nothing but a social platform to share all their views and points. As most people have the habit of following the Facebook on a regular basis, any update from a single customer would be echoed all over the world. The following information on how many customers are into Facebook would give you a clear idea why all the marketing mediums target Facebook for their business prospects.

Facebook comprises: 43% males and 57% females. This includes students, office goers, elderly people and business persons.


In general, we can classify businesses into 3 types. First, small-sized businesses; second, medium-sized businesses; and third, large scale businesses.

Facebook withholds: 27% small businesses, 34% medium-sized businesses, and 79% large businesses. Remember, most percentage of Facebook business is held by large businesses. They exactly know how to multiply their revenues using the Facebook effectively. With numerous business people from all around the world, promoting their products and services using Facebook is found to be their best and easiest strategy.

Marketing Strategy:

Realizing the strength and power of the Facebook medium, you would have no doubt while it is chosen to be a primary marketing medium by most companies. Imagine the marketing strategy adhered by many companies before the arrival of Facebook into the market. Generally, they would go for banners, ads, hard-copy classifieds, emails, newsletters to reach out wide range of audiences. In fact, all the processes involves serious money (except emails) and it they didn’t work, you may have your pocket holed. With the economic downturn being predominantly pronounced all over the globe, fancying the chances and trying with money won’t be a wise move. When most businesses were on the verge of knock off, the marketing strategy using Facebook encouraged them to give it a try for establishing themselves in the market for a long time.


Nowadays, both the people and businesses are showing a great deal of interest on eCommerce businesses as everything is going digital. People have started searching for a medium which requires no physical effort to buy or sell products. And eCommerce is proved to be the best way to do so! But, the businesses found it hard to reach out a lot of customers. However with the arrival of Facebook, thanks to a few extensions that integrates eCommerce websites with Facebook, enhancing businesses has become absolutely easy. A simple and effective extension capable of integrating eCommerce websites with Facebook is Magento Facebook Shopping Cart. Finally, connecting with huge masses of people all over the world for promoting the products is the strategy followed by most businesses, irrespective of their sizes.

So, Facebook, once being celebrated as a renowned medium for sharing views is slowly becoming a market place with more and more companies showcasing their products. In the near future, the Facebook may come up with an online store on its own or may just stay as a social medium for branding products as they are now! It depends on the developments subjected to the eCommerce market in the upcoming years.

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