7 Ways to Make Your eCommerce Website More Profitable

eCommerce is a different genre of websites – from its structure, functionality to go to market strategy, everything is different from most of the other types of websites. Web industry has undergone several changes over last couple of years; many new tools have been created, social media has come up as a mainstream online marketing platform. In a nutshell, web industry now offers plenty of options for webmasters to create better user experience. Since, eCommerce website is there to sell products online, without offering a great web experience it is difficult for them to sustain.

If you are planning to start your own eCommerce business, make sure you do a thorough research on the technologies available. You should aim at creating such a nice interface that everybody would love.

eCommerce Website

Here are some tips, ideas and options that you can try to create a great eCommerce interface.

1. Eliminate Complexity as Much as Possible:

The ultimate goal is to take the visitors to the product page from where they can buy. Whatever you do with the website to make it attractive or credible, is immaterial if the visitors do not understand it and leave the place without buying. The text you put, the images that you place, the reviews that you show, the way you take the visitors to the product page – everything has to be very simple and comprehensive.

2. Do not Compromise With Image Quality:

Image is the main asset when it comes to eCommerce, especially when you are operating in B2C sector. The only way for buyers to get an idea about the product is through the image that is there. You can write text descriptions; but that cannot give the feel that an image can give. Make sure the images are as good as possible.

3. Allow to Login with Email:

First time buyers need to create an account and returning buyers need to log-in to buy a product. Make sure you allow them to login with their email id; never insist to create a username. Email id is unique; and it makes it easy for the buyers to remember. Hence, the login process becomes much easier.

4. Add Detailed and Comprehensive Product Description:

Image is not enough; as mentioned above, images are important – but you have to add text description as well. Size of the product – it’s length, width etc. how much does it weigh (for computer products or accessories) are important data that people check before buying. Such information is hard to display on image; you have to add text description for all the products.

5. Display Your Contact Details:

It adds credibility; it shows that you are not a company that tries hide behind the anonymity of web. Put your contact details at a visible and prominent location. Most of the users will never come to your office; but it gives them a feel that they are dealing with a credible company. Good for your brand.

6. Friendly Shopping Cart:

The design of the cart page and the features will always depend on the type of product you are selling. However, you have to make sure that the cart page is flexible. The buyer must be able to add, drop or change products from the cart page itself. Never makes things difficult for the buyers.

7. Search Option in eCommerce Website:

Search option is a vital feature for any eCommerce website. Most of the eCommerce portals deal with thousands of products. It is never possible to display or highlight all of them on the home page. Channelizing the traffic to all the product pages from home page is a challenge. A search option makes it easy for the users to find out sections that deal with the product they want to buy.

These are some of the important factors; you can come up with your own ideas to make your eCommerce portal user-friendly.

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