Creative Techniques To Implement For Single-Page Websites

Of the many website designs that are possible, the basic fundamental that has to be made is for the site to be single, double, triple or multi page. With each increasing number of page design, there will be some sacrifices on behalf of user convenience that needs to be done. Since websites are design for its users, if such an option is feasible, most designers would fall back on a single page design. Single page websites are easy to read, and allows the user to use it with ease.

This benefit comes at a price. Designers will have to come up with unique ways to put more content on to this single page Web Design without making it seem like a double or multi page site which is masquerading as a single page. One way of retaining the authentic feel of single-page websites without actually complicating it for the user is to use some creative design techniques.

Single Page Websites

We have our favorite techniques that we would like to share with you.

  • Parallax Sliding Effects
  • Mobile App Landing Pages
  • Hidden Navigation Bars
  • Dynamic Transitions
  • Horizontal Sliding Panels
  • Inspiration Gallery

Parallax Sliding Effects:

The Parallax sliding effect is called so because it has a strong connection to the Parallax effect. Without getting into geometry and related math of the Parallax concept, the effect can be explained this. It comes to objects in the background moving at a different rate when compared to graphics that are in the foreground.

So, if you have two or more layers, depending on the actions of the user, the background layer items move at a different rate compared to those items are on the layers above it. That’s parallax effect for you. If implemented properly, this effect can simulate real life motion, making your website design look amazing. Many programmers agree that this is the toughest sliding effect to implement.

Mobile App Landing Pages:

The number of people using smartphones is increasing every day. Once you go smartphone, you never go back. An extension of smartphone ownership is how it changes the way folks browse the internet. Many of them browse the internet through their browser if you are offering a mobile app, then your landing page should be optimized for their experience.

With mobile apps, the important thing is presentation. We would recommend that you add a video of your app in all its glory. Further provide pictures of your app in action, and these pictures should be embedded in pictures of your favorite device.

Hidden Navigation Bars:

A long time ago, it was okay to see that comforting navigation bars on right and bottom side of web pages. The reason we had navigation bars was because the screen resolutions were on the lower side while the content never was.

Today, we live in an age where phones have high definition displays. Further, given the limited screen space on phones, there really is no room for navigation bars. To increase your sites appeal, you need to get them to disappear and appear on demand. It is like magic!

Dynamic Transitions:

Website layouts should look appealing and that is a very basic expectation from your users. Unfortunately they also want to feel as if the website is in fact alive, in the sense that it changes dynamically to their actions.

As is the case with navigation bars, static web pages are no longer welcome in the world of World Wide Web. With the kind of facilities available with any CMS of your choice and the sort of programming flexibility available with languages such as PHP and Python, there is no excuse for you to build sites that do not have dynamic transitions.

Horizontal Sliding Panels:

Sliding Panels have always been fun but they are very appealing to look and use. It feels no natural imagine that your content on the site can be ‘slid’ horizontally. Look at all the things are horizontal in our lives. We watch wide screen movies, read books horizontally and when you turn a page that is almost like horizontal sliding.

To give that natural feel to your site, use horizontal sliding panels.

Inspiration Gallery:

Inspiration Gallery is a site that offers an incredibly wide range of backgrounds, borders, buttons and other website related elements as link-ware. There are a couple of reasons why you may consider using this site.

One, they have a huge repository of site elements and you could save a lot of time using them creatively. Second, they are free and all they ask for in return is to link back to them.

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