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Ingenius Use of Letter i in Logo Design

The letter ‘i’ is not usually considered a very exciting letter. Straight up and down with little more than a dot to make it stand out, it doesn’t have the sensual curves of ‘s’ or the impact of ‘x’. It doesn’t even have the unusual look of ‘q’. So to use letter ‘i’ in Logo Design may require some extra attention.

It can seem hard to believe that such a humble letter can inspire any exciting designs, but it can. The letter ‘i’ can even be used to create clever logos with instant impact, and this collection will show how it’s done.

Logo Design Real-World Examples:

Texas Instruments:

This logo, for the semiconductor manufacturer, has the company’s initials nestled into an illustration of its home state, Texas. It gives the impression of a company that is concentrated on its tasks and rooted in its history.

Texas Instruments Logo



This Italian appliance manufacturer has a logo that uses the I of the company to reference the ‘on’ button on electronic devices.

Indesit Logo



The European discount supermarket brand has tipped the ‘i’ in its logo on its side, making it look a bit like a person and also giving the logo a playful feel.

Lidl Logo



TUI is an international leisure and travel group. Its logo focuses on the feeling holidays give to people, turning the letters ‘t’, ‘u’ and ‘i’ into a broad smile.

TUI Logo



Imation largely manufactures storage and data security products and services. In this logo, a hand dots the ‘i’ with a magical swish made out of plus signs and dots – in-congruently sensible shapes out of which to make twinkly flourishes.

Imation Logo



This company is a small social media advertising platform that connects companies with publishers to create sponsored posts. The social, sharing nature of this service is reflected in the logo, with hearts pouring out of the ‘i’.

MyLikes Logo


Logo Design Other Examples

Families by Herb Lubalin:

This logo cleverly turns the ‘i’s and the ‘l’ into a little family, creating a tiny tableau in the middle of the logo.

Families Logo in Logo Design


Pencil v2 by Reghardt:

Like Families above, this logo uses the ‘I’ and the ‘i’ to make a visual pun. In this case, they become the body of the pencil.



Killed Productions by Sean Heisler:

Another visual pun with the ‘i’, this logo literally turns the concept on its side, using the ‘i’ to give the impression of a stick man who has been killed.



Shift_Draft 3 by madebyshift:

This logo joins up the ‘h’ and the ‘i’ to suggest a manual gear shift in a vehicle. The blue colour palette suggests speed and modernism.



Those are just a few of the creative ways designers are using ‘i’s in logos. Whether used by international conglomerates or designers building their portfolios, the little letter in the middle of the alphabet truly is inspirational, leading to the ingenious use of the letter ‘i’ in logo design.

6 thoughts on “The Ingenious Use of the Letter ‘i’ in Logo Design – Interesting”

  1. Very creative…. thinking of other letters for similar uses… the K._lled is my favorite, too.

  2. Jigna Trivedi

    Great work, its really creative- i will do like this in my designing work, its really inspired me…

  3. Janeen Violante

    great post–great idea–I do love it when certain characters are in a logo I am designing–“i” is one of my fav’s

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