According to statistics released by Facebook last August, the website enjoys over 37,000 comments and “likes” every second. That level of interaction should be enough to prove there are a lot of people using the Social Media website, giving it the potential to be a great marketing opportunity.

Keep reading for a few ideas about how to make your audience care about what you have to say while enticing them to respond to your posts. After all, social media efforts aren’t nearly as powerful if they’re mostly one-sided conversations.

Social Media Audience

Remember That Interaction Creates Influence:

Whether you’re the owner of restaurant in Manhattan or working in a small boutique in a suburb outside of Atlanta, your ability to inspire users to interact with your content can boost your online influence while simultaneously improve your return on investment.

As you become more comfortable with social media you’ll discover it only takes a few minutes per day to generate content that resonates with users. However, you can’t stop there. It’s also necessary to monitor your pages and respond back to comments or compliments that you receive.

Try using a specific call to action to stimulate your users to respond in a certain way. Even if it’s just as simple as sharing your weekend plans and asking readers do the same, outreach efforts demonstrate you’re interested in using social media as more than just a promotional platform to bolster your point of view.

Encourage Users to Do Things Differently:

Internet users love to feel that they’ve been let in on a secret. You can tap into that desire with social media posts that teach people a different way to do something familiar. This works particularly well if you’re involved with a business that sells products, because you can suggest alternative ways of using them, but this tactic can be adjusted if you provide a service.

Embrace Collaboration:

Social media users should respond favorably if you can focus on posts that show how you consider readers to be collaborators rather than just your target audience. Communicate in friendly, accessible language that implies you can’t reach your goals without help from others. That means you should be fully ready to accept feedback.

This can be as simple as allowing social media users to vote for the next topic of your blog or hosting a contest where people can submit pictures that are somehow related to your business in an effort to win a coveted prize.

If you use social media correctly, you’ll be well on your way to showing gratitude toward your readers while giving them plenty of reasons to keep your business page in their news feed. Start experimenting today and get ready to spend some virtual face time with the online world.

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