The homepage is usually the first page people see when they land on a site. It is very important since it gives the first impression about yourself and your business. Therefore, you need to ensure that the homepage design in a way that gives visitors a reason to explore your site further. The following are some tips which can help you enhance the effectiveness of your homepage.

1. Use a Catchy Tagline:

A tagline is a short statement which summarizes the intent of your website or business. Any Professional Website Design Company prefers Catchy Tagline. This is especially important for new entrants in the market who would like to promote their services or products. The tagline should be placed in the header section right under your brand or site name. When people land on your homepage, they should be able to immediately understand what your site or business is all about. Make sure your tagline is unique and memorable so as to generate interest in your readers.

Effective Homepage Desig

2. Have a Meaningful Title Tag:

Your homepage’s title tag should comprise of your business or site name, along with a short description of the same. Having relevant keywords in the title tags will make it easier for people to find you through search engines. Don’t make the mistake of using words such as ‘Welcome’ which add no value to the title tag.

3. Create an ‘About’ Page:

In most cases, visitors would want to know more about your business before they buy your products or services. It is therefore very vital to have an ‘About’ page which offers details about your business. This page will enable you to establish credibility and build trust in the market. Remember to include a link to your ‘About’ page on your homepage.

4. Include a Search Box:

A search box is a very vital element of any site, especially sites which have a lot of content. Most people don’t have the patience to visit all the pages of your site to find what they are looking for. It is therefore very important to include a search box in your homepage. This will enable visitors to look for information on your site by simply typing a query. To accommodate multiple queries, it would be advisable to have a search box which is not less than 25 characters wide.

5. Provide a Summary of Your Site’s Content:

The information contained in your homepage should convince visitors to check out the rest of the pages. You should therefore consider providing previews of your most popular or most recent posts on the homepage.

6. Avoid Useless Design Elements:

You must ensure that all the design elements used on your homepage are useful in some way. Avoid meaningless design elements such as flash animations which are of no benefit, but instead slow down the loading speed of your page.

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