Handy Designing Tips for Graphic Designers, Worth Reading

This article focuses mainly on designing tips for graphic designers. Graphic designing is a skill like any other that requires a lot of time and hard work. It requires to have an eye for legibility, layouts, creativity, juxtaposition, colors, illustrations, fonts and photos. You need to have handful knowledge about all these fancy design elements to produce brilliant graphic designs. Graphic designers put a lot of effort to make their designs appealing, informative and attractive.

Purpose of Graphic Designs:

Graphic designs are around us all time. If you take some time to notice the objects and things around you, you will come to know that from humble things like candy and chewing gum wrappers to some big things like billboards, magazines, newspaper Ads, TV commercials, T-shirts etc. Uses graphic designs. The main purpose of graphic designs is to inform, educate, persuade, stimulate, manipulate, attract attention of the consumers and supporters, put down opponents, argue, agitate, create goodwill, motivate, leave the impression on the minds of the audiences that will last beyond the first exposure and provide pleasure.

Graphic Designers

Main Tools of Graphic Designers:

Graphic designers use both technology and art to communicate their ideas to the desired audiences. It is a very creative process. These designers work with a number of tools, but the main and most  common tools are typography and images.

Software Used:

Some of the best software used by graphic designers are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark Xpress and In Design.

Designing Tips:

In modern life, design has become an integral part. So here are a few designing tips for graphic designers to have a command over the graphic designs and to be more effective in conveying information to the audiences. All the beginners out there can also take benefit from these tips in order to excel in their fields.

  1. The first and the foremost thing to be learned and remember is that there is no such magic spell that can make you instantly good at it, because nothing happens overnight. You have to be patient, it will take some time and effort to have command over it.
  2. You must have an artistic sense as it is one of the most vital skill required by a graphic designer. Even so in the few years, technology has incredibly changed the graphic design industry but still one need to have knowledge about different design elements like color, composition, background and foreground, perspective etc.
  3. Should be able to use a number of graphic design software  and should have an aptitude and interest in learning new technologies and software.
  4. While designing a graphic design, the graphic designer should create a balanced composition.
  5. Never try to put art ahead of communication. Always remember that the purpose of graphic materials is to aid the communication process. When the artist or designers try to emphasize their creativity at the expense of conveying the message dis-communication occurs.
  6. Color- One of the most important thing to be considered while designing. Never  use color combinations that affront the eye and make the words illegible. Choose colors that compliment well with the text and make text legible to read.
  7. Avoid euphemisms.
  8. Never try to present sloppy and the semi literate communication material in your designs.
  9. Creating a good design is a hard work. Make sure that the design should be made in such a way that it calls attention to what it says not to itself.

So now you have gained a lot of knowledge about graphic designs and graphic designers. Utilize the designing tips for graphic designer to produce better and brilliant designs in the future.

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