Tips for New Web Developers - Make Money in 7 Days

For those who are in Web Development fields, if they don’t know how to cash themselves, then here we have make some Tips, by following these steps they can earn money in 7 Days while Web Developing. So follow these steps every day and Web Developers will find certain positive change.

DAY 1 – Case Studies: What are Buyers Looking For?

In This Section: Here I’ll show you what we’re striving for, exactly what to build and WHY it’s so valuable in the Flippa marketplace, then later give you the exact steps to build it. This method isn’t baseless, we’re not going on “what if” scenarios. There will be examples of Flippa auctions and examples of websites with traffic figures, site ages, social footprints, marketing strategies and more. These case studies are here to get you excited about how easy it can be to flip high dollar web developers while also showing you WHY this method works so well and why those sites sell for so much.

Tips for Web Developers

DAY 2 – Method Overview:

In This Section: In Day 2 we’ll go over the entire process, from beginning to end. A survey to let you know exactly what you’ll be doing while laying the groundwork to keep track of your sites and know what you’re building, saving you time and money. I’ll show you some of my live example websites, the do’s and don’ts and give you a rundown of why this method has been so profitable.

DAY 3 – Do Your Research!

In This Section: Research is crucial. While it may sound daunting for the newcomer, it shouldn’t be. Here we go over everything you need to do proper research to ensure that what you’re actually building will be a valuable takeover target that gets traffic. I like to remove as many potential pitfalls as possible and doing proper front end research will allow you to just put the pieces in place afterwards. From picking the right niche and domain to having a clear cut exit strategy, day 3 is one of the most important to ensure long term success and viability.

DAY 4 – The Building Process:

In This Section: Now we build! We take what we’ve learned and outlined in the first half of the week and get started. I’ll show you all the right themes, plugins, layout and visual design to ensure your first site flip is an absolute winner. In doing so I’ll also explain why the facets are so important. This will be one of your busiest days so be ready to learn and really dive into the course material.

DAY 5 – Traffic Generation:

In This Section: The important part. Without traffic you have no value. In this section you get the secret sauce. I’ll show you how to get the flood of traffic coming in from the beginning without the hassle and uncertainty of SEO. Social traffic is much more reliable, like using an axe instead of a chainsaw, an axe never runs out of gas. I’m going to show you how to build a reliable stream of traffic without breaking your back doing so.

DAY 6 – Selling your Sites: Elements of a Successful Sale:

In This Section: You’ve got the site it’s time for the flip. Here I breakdown all the nuggets of information I’ve collected in my 6 years of selling websites on Flippa. What makes a successful headline. How long should your auction last? What day is best to start (and end) your auction? What kind of buyer are you catering too – and many more. I spill the beans on the sale and make sure you’re profitable in your first flip, opening up the door for day 7.

DAY 7 – Scaling:

In This Section of Web Developers: Scaling. We’re not here to flip 1 site. We’re here to make this a viable business or side business. I spent many years moonlighting in the flipping field and am now involved in the buying, selling and holding of websites full time. I’ll show you how to turn your first sale into a profitable and sustainable business without breaking the bank or taking all your spare time.

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