Photoshop Plugins to Make Jazz Up Images

Photoshop Plugins to Make Jazz Up Images

Imagine the web without Photoshop. Yeah, I know it is even hard to imagine. Photoshop is certainly one of the most powerful tools that let a designer do awesome thing with images. However, you can add more strength to Photoshop by arming it with some cool plugins that will automatically enable you to create enviable design that will transcend time. Wish to get your hands on those Photoshop plugins? Well, here they go –

Photoshop Plugins


Recommended for Designers, it makes the Photoshop layers turn effectively into the CSS3 layers. This plug-in uses the cloud to perform the calculations needed for this conversion. The bottom line is that a lots of coding time is saved, that was once consumed tremendously in shadows, glows, texts, strokes and outer corners.

This plug-in is free to download.


It is an unusual plug-in by Redfield, apt for the designers and artists, for an impeccable, one of a kind effect. It uses fractal patterns hidden within the source image. The result is that of a pencil sketch or a light glow streaks mingled in one another.

This plug-in is not free. But priced at whatever amount, it stands out as achieving the attention that it highly deserves.


Published by Lumens, this plug-in is a good craze amongst the photographers and designers. It is an easy to use straight forward plug-in, that creates the panels within the image. It uses Smart Objects and layers to utilize the paneling, the user selects the rows and columns and the layout for his image.

It is a free to download plug-in.

Fluid Mask 3:

Vertus publishes this Masking tool. Photoshop itself has gone through a good improvement in masking with the CS5 and CS6 releases, but considering it a fine art to mask the delicate features, especially the prominent areas around the hair and the fur, Fluid Mask 3 comes in handy. It is very efficient, and quick in process.

This plug-in is chargeable, but there is a trial version for free.


A highly recommended plug-in for Photographers. This tool comes combined for 3 applications- Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture. Published by Imagenomic, this is apt for the retouching, that is often needed at the end of the crucial high quality work. This plug-in helps in toning and smoothing out of the skin in the image. The blemishes and spots are smoothed out, while the fine details stay untouched. This tool is capable of producing a noticeable level of difference in the original and the resulting images.

This is chargeable.

3D Invigorator:

The 3D feature within Photoshop is a complex process in itself, that is made simple using this plug-in. The 3D and rendering effect gets possible for any kind of scenes and models, using a simple object editor. The resulting effect is admirable. Digital Anarchy is the publisher of this plug-in, which is chargeable, but has a free trial version for download. The above mentioned Photoshop plugins, a mix of free and chargeable ones, are good for any technical or non technical user to move ahead with an excellent image.

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