According to the views of popular designers, the internet and computers enable the nonprofessional graphic designers to create their very own designs with ease. This ease and comfort, however affected the professional designers to their Graphic Designing as now every nonprofessional and untrained designer can download latest software from the internet that is highly user friendly and these software equipped with clip arts, symbols, and templates allows a person to create design patterns relatively easy.

Other designers are of the view that graphic designer’s role is closely linked with that of computer programmers. A graphic designer now days is able to make use of SEO practices to have client’s websites and blogs on a higher ranking at search engines. The internet has affected the field of graphic designing in a great way. The internet has provided the graphic designers with a platform to collaborate with other designers, it has provided more learning opportunities and at the same time it has allowed designers to copy the work of famous and professional graphic designers.

Internet Over Graphic Designing

How Internet Has Impacted Graphic Designing

A New Platform:

One of the greatest advantage that internet has provided is delivering a platform for designers. Graphic designing now has become a living thing, a breathing creature with which the public can interact freely. Whether viewing a film, flash content or utilizing tools for interaction on a beautifully designed site, the visitors are no more just a passive viewer. Designers can now interact with public via social networking sites and blogs.


Internet has facilitated collaboration for designers to a great extent. The communities of designers enable untrained designers to learn and work with other designers and discuss issues they are confronting. The designers now share work online with millions of users with no cost, all thanks to the internet and online communities. Designers from different parts of the world can share views about various designs and work shared online. Views and comments helps a designer to improve and modify the work so that it looks more pleasant and impressive confirming to the latest trends. Internet has eliminated all kinds of geographical and cultural boundaries and graphic designers from every corner of the world can interact with each other.

Learning Opportunities:

There are many vendors who offer online training courses and certifications to equip the designers with latest technology to be used in graphic designing. Adobe certifications, Autodesk certifications and CIW certifications are the major vendors of online graphic designing certifications. Any one from every part of the world can register online for the certification and training and learn and take exams online. Gone are the days when learning and education was only limited to schools and institutes. Internet now days is the biggest institute of graphic designing with hundreds of certifications and programs being offered online.

Work Replication:

With the help of internet, many designers can replicate the work of professional designers. The replicated designs motivate and encourage the untrained designers to learn more from the professionals and create their own masterpieces.


As evident from the above discussion, Internet has to date affected graphic designing in a positive way. It has helped the field to grow and expand attracting masses to be a part of this rapidly emerging field.

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