Top 10 Coding Standard To Follow Your Magento eCommerce Sites

Online shopping has become the easy and convenient way of shopping. There are many Magento eCommerce sites to give a customer the opportunity to shop various items and products with a one-click payment option. The more easy the navigation, the more income your eCommerce business gain. So how is this possible? How can you attract more customers to shop online through your online merchandise?

Why Using Magento?

Your answers are very simple if these ten steps are easily followed for earning revenue by using Magento eCommerce Sites.

Magento is the most popular web application used for developing an eCommerce website. Most of the online retailers with scale of its operations from small, medium and large enterprises widely adopted Magento based eCommerce web application. Easy navigation, dynamic and flexible graphic interface has retained Magento as the leading web-app interface for eCommerce.

Magento eCommerce Sites

Why Magento has Gained Popularity?

Let us see the top 10 reasons why using Magento has gained popularity for building an effective eCommerce website:

  1. The SEO Filters – do you know what is the reason for heavy traffic that hits an eCommerce website- it is the long-tail words. The integrated SEO feature in Magento helps to boost the non-brand keywords to optimize in the search results. This also can result in for layered navigation by the way of optimized header with title tags.
  2. Listing Adwords – your product lines should be tagged and feed to the Google Merchandise and Google AdWords. Such mapping of products lines will enable for peer comparison of the prices. With Magento, you can integrate a feature that analyses the price comparison of your products with shopping engines and at the same time to pause ads when you lose its popularity or the product is on shortage/improvement.
  3. Online shopping giants – Amazon and eBay- one of the marketing strategies is dummy test. An effective market research on websites like Amazon and eBay and its derivative result can help you to study and apply how much success and revenue can it bring if the same product is launched into your online shopping portal.
  4. Diverse language, One marketplace – with Magento’s feature of multi-lingual, multi- currency functionality, your target market does not restrict to the registered country, but you are opened to the global market. Online shopping is exposed to the international level with multi-brands, diverse customer choices and foreign currency trades. All these can be strategically managed with Magento application.
  5. Mobility of trade – the mobile application developed with the Magento interface can boost sales to more than 60% as from the desktop PCs. With the advent of smartphones, tablets and sophisticated technology, your mobile or a tablet site can give an added convenience to the customer to carry the shopping convenience at the touch of a finger globally.
  6. Customized for customers – Magento is a synonym for your sites customization and flexibility. Whatever the customer’s requirements are, this can be useful for easy navigation and a good shopping experience.
  7. Loyalty to the customers – you have seen many online retailers have a ‘Wishlist’ page by which a customer can add products to it and shop whenever they require. Similarly with Magento, sales promotion through online discount coupons and gift vouchers can be offered which can raise popularity and sales.
  8. Customer reviews – customer’s verdict is final in any sorts of services. Many eCommerce website assess its performance through the words of the customers. With Magento, ratings, votes, and similar add-ons can be customized to make the online shopping site interactive and helps the other customers taking a call on buying a product or not.
  9. Services and Support – order management, order cycles, payment options like cash on delivery or payment through online (VISA or MasterCard etc.) can be developed using Magento’s app. If a customer need post dated delivery, even that flexibility can also be made with Magento.
  10. Market segmentation – one of the key factor in surviving the online competition is customer retention and this is done through email marketing/ online chat etc. An eCommerce website that uses Magento can filter the customer through their interests, behavior and types. Products purchased can be easily filtered on their choice and through promo mails and best offer; they can retain their customers and improve the business.


Thus, you have seen how one can sustain the online Magento eCommerce Sites competition if the correct web application and integration is implemented. Magento have only brought success stories for a small online retailer to a big Fortune 100 company. So the benefit and usage of Magento web app does not restrict to any reasons because the opportunities are unlimited in eCommerce.

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