Beginner’s Guide - All You Need to Know as a Designer

If you are a beginner who wants to become a graphic designer then you must have started your way by watching tutorials or reading books. That’s how we all start! We visit various website, watch tutorials and try to apply the things we learn but on our way to becoming a better graphic designer, most of us lose hope thinking that we can never be as good as others! That’s why we give up in the middle and take our mind off from the idea of becoming a graphic designer. But did anyone tell you there is hope for you too? And if you pay attention then even you can get your name listed with some of the top designers of the world! The first thing that you need to do is never look down upon yourself because the people who work hard have the tendency to reach success!

Be Curious About What You Cannot Do!

The first step to become a better graphic designer is to be curious about things that you see around. You visit a website and you are inspired by a design that how creative that is! And you ask yourself how did the designer do it?

Challenge Yourself:

The next thing to do is try to imitate the design that you saw on the website. Now here I am assuming that you all aware with the basics of Photoshop. So let’s take up a button you saw on that website. Try creating it on Photoshop by imitating the same effect. Sounds hard right? But the basic aim of this challenge is to explore the Blending Options panel. By doing so you will learn new techniques and might even end up giving the same effect to that button!

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Learn Something While Playing!

Now watching tutorials is no doubt the most informative exercise but experimenting is a better one while you are on beginner’s stage. At this stage learning new things is more important and doing that on your own while playing around will make it stick to you by heart. So experiment with the amazing options of graphic software and unleash your creativity.

Watch Lots of Tutorials!

Now it is human nature that we cannot do everything on our own. All of us need a step by step guide in achieving something. So read tons of tutorials and then apply them on your own and then test yourself if you can do it or not without seeing the guide.

Time to Experiment!

Now that you are aware with the basics and have tried around a few techniques it’s time to experiment what you have learnt so far. This is being freestyle! Which means you can design anything that you like and be creative based on the knowledge that you’ve gained.

Once you have achieved what you intended to make, you will get the hope back that even you can be a great designer. All it takes is practice and a little bit of guts. I hope this article helps you in getting your true designer self out!

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