When creating a website there are a ton of things you need to keep in mind. Whether your website is for personal or professional advancement, there are a lot of elements that come in to play to make the website successful. You need images, written content, attention needs to be focused on website design, and it needs to serve an identifiable purpose while being accessible by different forms of technology. With all of these points in mind, you still need to get your message across and keep it interesting. Here we are going to discuss some common Website Mistakes you should keep in mind.

When people search the web to find information, or to waste time, they have about a hundred different sites they could look on for one piece of information. This is because of the fact that there is an over saturation of information because there are so many “do it yourself” website design tools out there. This makes it difficult to distinguish yourself; however, if you did not go to school for web design then it might be your best option. Still whether you are doing the web design yourself, using an online tool, or hiring someone to do it for you there are ways to stand out.

Website Design Templates:

One of the most common mistake is to simply use the website design templates and not customize them at all. This could make your website look a dime a dozen. That is the last thing you want to happen. If your information looks interchangeable then there is no need for people to come to your website, and you lose all of the click through traffic you were looking for.

Common Website Mistakes

Purpose of your Website:

Another common mistake with creating a website is not clearly identifying your purpose. Sure it is okay to present information because you think it is important, and sure, if you just like the topics go right ahead and write about online. However, if there is not an identifiable reason for the website to exist other than simply presenting information you will have a tough time. Especially if the information is not new or ground breaking. You have to give the people a reason to care more about your presentation of information than someone else’s presentation of the same information in order to win their business.

Website Compatibility:

Another common mistake when it comes to creating a website is not looking in to making the website available on different forms of technology. Sure accessing a website through a computer is great; however, people are mobile and your website needs to be as well. The most successful websites are available on computer, cell phones, and definitely iPad compatible. If your website is iPad compatible then you are made because a significant amount of the population has access to an iPad (by lavon at dresshead fashion). Therefore, if your website is iPad compatible then a significant amount of the population can access your website while they are on the go.

When creating a website it is easy to fall in to a rut of simply presenting the information to get the page up and running; however do not forget my tips. It is all about having an identifiable purpose, web design, and making your website accessible on phones and iPads!

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  1. I agree that one of the most common mistakes which lots of designer do is simply using a template and not configuring it. At least making some changes give a unique look to the project.

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