Innumerable designers prefer Abode illustrator for drawing and painting digital illustration.  Abode illustrator is one of the most famous illustrator that is liked as well as preferred by several for  many  reasons. One of the reasons is that unique time saving feature. The main feature and use of the symbols in illustrator CS5 is to create and make symbols or simply the copy of an object. It does not mean to while time making a flower over and over again. One can simply save the flower for future use. When one uses symbols, the size of the file also reduces.

Advantages of the Symbols in Illustrator CS5:

The illustrator also helps us to use the same symbols in the document. One can add a number of symbols in one go using the illustrator. While CS5 helps us to change in the setting of the symbols, when one is editing them.  An added advantage of the illustrator CS5 is that one can convert symbols into movie clips. Therefore makes it easy to export to Abode flash. One can use the 9 slice scaling feature in the illustrator. This makes sure that the symbol is scaled correctly to the design interface. Summing up CS5 makes it easier to work with the symbols by adding new features. Even though, using the older version of the illustrator, you can become as much a master of symbols as any other person.

Symbols In Illustrator CS5

Making the Best Use of Symbols:

Illustrator CS5 helps in creating illustrator for graphics, for example, flower, tree, swirl and cracks. One can use a symbol to turn a hundred of them to a million too. That would give one several copies of their art board. This is indeed a matter of few minutes. Even though, one has used certain symbols before, one can play around with them, and maybe with the help of a few tutorials one can grasp the symbols, which is a gem of an illustration tool. Some symbols are quite easy to understand where as the others require explanation.  There is an overview of the symbols that one can use. However, One must not forget that you can reflect, move, scale, rotate and skew symbols like other symbol. To open the symbol panel, you must click on the button that looks similar to a clover. It is located on the right side of the illustrator screen.

There is an alternate method too. (Abode reader provides several alternate method of performing a task as always). Go to windows and click on the symbols. The abode reader provides a drop down menu that facilitates accessibility to almost all the features of the Abode Illustrator. This includes the making of symbols, editing them, changing the view of the panel, breaking lines and many others. To conserve time, the Abode illustrator also provides several shortcuts at the end of the bottom. These shortcuts are basically meant for common actions. There are a number of options in the control window at the top of the window. Select the symbol and click on it. Now it appears on the art board. One can make changes in the symbol as well as delete it or even edit it. One can even sort the symbols by simply dragging them. Otherwise, right click within the illustrator and choose one of the options. We can arrange them by name also.

Creating a Symbol:

With the help of illustrator CS5 objects can be converted into symbols except a few which this includes objects that are not linked and groups of graphics. To create a symbol click on the “new symbol” button or one can even simply drag it into the symbol panel. The illustrator will convert the object into a symbol meanwhile the object is added to Symbol window. In case you do not want the original object to become a symbol then, hold on to shift as you create a new symbol. This indeed helps us in creating a new symbol as well as retaining editable work on the art board. Illustrate CS5 is equipped with symbol libraries.

The library assists us in arranging the symbols in an organized manner. To open the libraries click on the symbol library in the far left in the symbol tools. On the other hand, simply go to the window then symbol and finally the library. The new library will open in a new window. You need to select a symbol to create a library. Once you do so it will be automatically added in the symbol panel. It will never change in the library once symbol changed in the panel. Although adding symbols to the library is difficult at first but with time one gets experienced to it.

Placing a Symbol:

If you want to locate a symbol on the art board, you can simply click on the icon in the panel and drag it to your board. There is an alternate method of doing this too. One can select the symbol to be placed, and select “Place symbol instance “button. By dragging the symbol one can allocate a certain position to the symbol, whereas when one uses the place symbol instance button the symbol can be placed anywhere on the art board. The “break line to symbol” helps the symbol retain its original position. After dragging the symbol to the art board, if one clicks on the option then the symbol is placed back to the graphic. Changes in the symbol on the panel can also be made by just by clicking on the option. Changes like rotate, scale, reflect, and skew can be made. These changes are only applicable for the symbols in the art board. The original symbol never changes. The available feature makes the opposite possible, as well. The option available for to click and make the symbol, retain its original features.

The Abode illustrator CS5 has a very special feature. It helps us create symbols and even edit the preexisting ones. The illustrator helps creating shortcuts as well it is a very applicable and handy feature that most of the designers prefer to use.

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