Excellent HTML5 Tools to Speed Up Development

Excellent HTML5 Tools to Speed Up Development

HTML5 is another version of a renowned language of internet that is HTML since the inception of web. HTML has been the face of websites which has powered content and showcased the pictures and functionalities of other object oriented languages such as C, C#, C++, Java and ASP.Net – all have worked with the HTML interface. With the increasing demand of responsive website, creative designs and improved websites; the special HTML5 Tools like WYSIHTML5 or Create has been developed which would simplify the working and development part of website. With a brief of some useful and popular tools of HTML5, we have tried to give you a sight of such beneficial tools to develop web application.

HTML5 Tools for Speed Up Development:


The HTML5 technology and the progressive-enhancement approach provide an open-source text editors called as WYSIHTML5. The developers will not find any unmanageable tag soups and inline styles which are replaced with valid and semantic HTML5 markup. It unifies line-break handling across browsers as entered will create break tag<br> than the paragraph<p>  or <div>.It auto-parses the content copy pasted from the various sources like Word, PowerPoint, PDF and other web pages. It also uses class names instead of inline styles to make it easy for developers and it is released under MIT license. It also provides source code view and a converter to convert invalid unknown HTML tags into valid tags. Speech-input for Chrome makes it more convenient tool for developers.

Excellent HTML5 Tools

Literally Canvas:

Literally Canvas is an open source HTML5 widget, which provides an authority of drawing online to users by integrating it with any web page. In this drawing widget, a user can draw, erase, color-picker, undo, redo, pan and zoom. The Java interface such as JQuery + Underscore.js with an API to define the background color, tools, and dimensions is a feature of Literally Canvas widget. It supports various browsers like Chrome, Safari, iOS, Firefox, and Opera. It best blends with Chrome as seen in many practices. It is intended to live inside your application and will not take much space.


This time HTML5 tool is providing Create .j a complete web- editing interface for Content Management Systems. A modern, fully browser based HTML5 environment for managing content which is adaptable to work with any content management back-end. It offers an interesting philosophy that allows you to edit the content on the same page, you are reading it.  At the end only a button will send all the modifications in the browser by sending it back to the CMS. With the creation of web interface Create, you can directly communicate with the web users than just asking them to fill forms. Create.js is a free software developed by Henri Bergius and the Midgard Project in collaboration with IKS and co-funded by the European Union.

HTML5 Please:

HTML5 Please is an interactive compatibility chart of HTML5/CSS3 features which specifies about the supported browser of the web applications. It uses the smart search bar to filter the browsing or device support with the types (HTML5 or CSS3 elements). It gives an option to decide whether it should use fallbacks, polyfills, and then share them. The HTML5 Please API translates developer‘s language into user language that is from feature language to browser language. It works like you call API and get back some HTML to show the user of the relevant data.

Video JS HTML Video Player:

HTML5 video player video JS is a Java script and CSS library code that makes it easy for working. It is compatible with many devices as it has embedded codes. Video JS provides many controls of skin which is built on HTML/CSS that fixes cross browser inconsistencies, adds additional features such as full screen and subtitles, and it also manages fall back to flash. JavaScript API enables interaction with video, either HTML5 video is supported or not on playback technologies.

Website development agencies are embedded with many HTML5 tools and additional features provided by them with additional codes of API and JavaScript.

Now, one can make websites more attractive and appealing with the add-on features of HTML5 tools.

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