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Mint Gum Design in Photoshop – [Photoshop Tutorial]

Today we are going to start a new Photoshop Tutorial. In this Photoshop Tutorial we will be making Mint Gum packet. In this Tutorial you will be using some basic Tools like Rectangle Tool, Brush Tool etc. We will also learn some Layer Style property while working on this tutorial, like Inner Shadow, Inner Glow, Gradient Overlay, Bevel and Emboss etc. So without wasting more tim we are going to start.

Here is what we will be making in Photoshop:

Step 1:

Let’s start out by creating a new file. I used a 800×600 pixels canvas set at 72dpi, and I filled my background with white. Now create a new layer and draw a gray rectangle with #C3C3C3 color shade and 83 x 70 px dimensions.

Step 2:

Under Layer Style (Layer > Layer Style) add an Inner Shadow, Inner Glow, and Gradient Overlay blending options to the gray rectangle layer.


Step 3:

In a new layer, draw a white rounded rectangle with 52 x 43 px dimensions on the center of the gray rectangle design.

Step 4:

Under Layer Style (Layer > Layer Style) add a Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, and Bevel and Emboss blending options to the white rounded rectangle layer.


Step 5:

Merge the gray rectangle design and the white rounded rectangle design layers so the mint gum is in one layer. Then go to Layer > Filter > Artistic and apply a Plastic Wrap effect, use the settings below.


Step 6:

Create a new layer, then draw a small black rectangle as shown below. Set the layer’s blending mode to Soft Light.

Step 7:

Duplicate the small black rectangle layer. Then under Layer Style (Layer > Layer Style) add a Gradient Overlay blending option.


Step 8:

Merge all the layers together so you have one layer with the mint gum design. Then under Layer Style (Layer > Layer Style) add a Gradient Overlay blending option.


Step 9:

Duplicate the mint gum design five times and combine them together as shown below.

Step 10:

In a new layer, touch up the mint gum pack with a soft black brush.

Final Result of Mint Gum Design in Photoshop:

Here is our Nice and Cool, Mint Gum which we just created. Hope you enjoyed it making by your own. Keep visiting for more New Tutorials like this.

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