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Printed QR codes are almost a given in today’s world of advertising. Companies use them to promote their website, organizations use them to get the word out on upcoming events, and they do this because QR codes make a statement. You have probably already accessed a QR code, either to check out a site or perhaps after being promised a coupon or promotion. However, you can make your own QR codes to make your life more organized and convenient, just by considering some new solutions to old problems.

Never Wonder Again:

Ever open up a new gadget and ponder what to do about the manual or warranty? These are important documents, but you might not need them until something goes wrong. This goes especially for peripheral devices and cameras. A way around having to meticulously store the documents in a bin with the rest of your collection is to create a custom QR code sticker that is a link to the manual or warranty in .pdf form. These are often downloaded from manufacturer’s websites and can be stored as a QR code, which you can apply to an inconspicuous surface of your device or its carrying case. That way if you need to look something up about it on the go, it’s just a matter of scanning it with your smartphone. Remember to store a digital copy of your documents on a cloud database like Dropbox or Google Drive, just in case it disappears from the official website.

QR Codes Generator

QR code stickers can also prevent theft and loss in expensive devices like cameras and laptops, simply by storing your contact information in the QR code and tagging the device. Although it’s a good safety measure, few people want an obtrusive label of their personal information on their peripherals. But with a discreet sticker, you can encode all that information in a smaller space. And while it’s no guarantee the person who finds your camera is going to return it, you can make it significantly easier for them to reach you, and hopefully increase the likelihood of it finding its way back to you.

The Digital Key to Organizing:

Since QR codes can store any kind of alphanumeric data, people who enjoy collecting can utilize this technology for archiving purposes. Especially with books, rare or otherwise, using QR code stickers to subtly tag a book with the information of where and when it was acquired and other pertinent data can make it easier for the owner and visitors to learn more about it. Or if you’re moving house, make it easier to identify boxes. Simply generate a code that describes the contents, and put one on all sides of the box so it’s easier to read the code when it’s in storage or in your new place.

While QR codes are currently a very public kind of technology, there are many ways to bring them into your private life to make things just a bit easier for you and your friends. While technology has a reputation for being the next step in convenience, sometimes with still undeveloped features like QR codes, it’s up to you to tinker and test it to bring out their potential for everyone.

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