Web Design Professionals Turning to Webydo, Here’s Why?


As a web designer there might have numerous occasions where you have had a lesson than pleasant experience working with a developer. Besides the fact that the time spent with them takes away from time with clients and 70% of the budget generally goes to them processing your designs, it’s just not fun or creative. And, what about DIY website builders? Those aren’t for you, you’re in professional web design field and fun fact, only 3% of websites currently created and published are from such site builders. Let’s flip all this on its head and take the opportunity to introduce you to a revolutionary niche in website creators for professionals like you.

Webydo is the web design revolution offering top notch professional features, an intuitive design platform and offers– freedom from coding. Yes this WYSIWYG platform allows designers to focus on the task that they love – TO DESIGN. There are over a dozen website builders to choose from, each of which boasting that they give you a “code-free” experience, so let’s dive into how Webydo is raising the bar for professionals in the web design industry.

Web Design Professionals

Why Webydo?

Simple, the intuitive ‘Photoshop’ and ‘Indesign’ like design platform, features that allow professionals to brand their content management system and send branded invoices right to customers as well as the designers’ community. Let’s explore Webydo in more depth:

Web Design Freedom:

Webydo offers you the freedom to work like an artist without the weight of the back end ending weighing in the back of your mind. The robust Design Management System (DMS) allows you to be creative and experiment with ideas. Setting your projects in motion, you can start design from scratch on a black canvas and let your design run wild. You also have the option to begin from one of Webydo’s layout options, where all you have to do is drag & drop the images ,text, change the color scheme and tweak it to make it your own. While finally, you can take inspiration from one of the ready-made designs in the Webydo gallery and be rocking and rolling with your pixel perfect website. Once you are done with all these Webydo’s patent pending technology will convert your design into a fully functional HTML website that complies with W3C standards.

Manage Content Easily:

Once you’ve finished putting the finishing touches on the design side, its then off to working working with the clients and managing the content. Webydo’s Content Management System (CMS) comes with a WISIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor allowing you to manage content without having to touch the code. As the creator of the site and project leader, you will have the ability to set permissions to editors of your site. Meaning, you can lock certain elements whil clients or other contributors make changes, edit or update specific areas without altering the design. Making the top notch B2B professional website creator is the ability to “Build your Brand” and add your and your clients logo right into the CMS & to send invoices to customers with the “Bill Your Client” feature.

This CMS dashboard allows you to manage multiple sites at the same time thus easing your job. It offers you ample opportunity to optimize the site for the search engines both at the basis and the advanced levels. You can also integrate various site management tools such as Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to monitor the performance of the site. It is also now easier than ever to create a responsive website that also has cross browser capabilities with Webydo.

Publish With The Click of A Button:

Publishing a site often becomes a bigger headache than creating it. You need to choose a good hosting plan, set up the site, manage thee FTP and the cPanel. You can publish it immediately under Webydo’s sub-domain or choose your custom domain and publish it from using their Premium Plan. It uses a powerful cloud hosting solution that is monitored 24/7. Apart from this it also offers features such as a worldwide network of servers, Content Delivery Network and takes regular backups of the site to ensure that the data is always available.

How Much Does It Cost?

Publish your site on Webydo’s sub-domain and it’ll be absolutely free. Here you can create up to 15 pages, have unlimited bandwidth and 1GB of storage. For custom domains, you will need to upgrade to the Premium Plan where you get 2GB storage space, unlimited download and can create an unlimited number of pages. Plans are billed annually ($7.9/ month) or every six months ($9.9/ month).

We mentioned the Webydo designers community now comprising of over 25K designers worldwide who are all participating in the future of Webydo and its feature. You can also join this design revolution on Webydo’s Participate page by voting what features should be added next. Enjoy the freedom of creativity readily available at your fingertips.

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