Difference Between Graphic Design and Advertising

We hear about graphic design and advertising all the time. It is all around us, in the cities, the shops, the restaurants and the billboards that we see. So, what exactly do we mean by graphic design?

Graphic Design in Our Everyday Lives:

  • Graphic design is in the correct signage giving directions to the travelers to the check in desks at airports.
  • It is used in creating the cover, layout and style of a magazine or books so that it catches your eye and makes you want to buy it.
  • Did you buy a parking ticket? If you look closely, it might be advertising some products or service. That is done using graphic design.
  • When you look at that billboard advertising your favorite brand of juice, note the colors, the designs, the layouts and the logos. All of those are comprise design.
  • Your favorite website? That is the work of a graphic designer again.

So all the images, colors, shapes and designs that you see around you, is created for a specific purpose; to tell you something, or to inform you. This is in short, graphic design, a form of visual communication.

Graphic Design and Advertising

What Does a Graphic Designer do?

There are many techniques that are used, but most of the time it has a specific purpose. Remember that graphic designers have created those logos and images under instructions from their clients. It has not been created for the sake of art.

A graphic designer has been given a special brief to create design. It could be to create an ad for a product which will be striking enough to catch your eye in the middle of a busy market. It could be to create good road signage direct foreign tourists to the right places and so on. It could even be to build a website through an online company called http://www.fasteasywebsites.com

Then the designer will use a selection of visual components including colors, fonts, photos, digital images, logos, etc so that the desired message can be conveyed in the best possible way.

The Difference Between Graphic Design and Advertising:

Again, this is a very popular misconception these days. People think that graphic design and advertising can be used interchangeably since they mean the same thing. That is not true, however.

Advertising is solely concerned with the promotion of a certain product or service being offered. Graphic design, on the other hand has a much broader scope . It includes organizing and creating the very products themselves.

Another difference is that advertisements create or generate their content. On the other hand, graphic design is generally concerned with the way the content is being presented to the audience as opposed to the content itself.

So, if you had your website built through http://www.fasteasywebsites.com then that could count as a design project. However, the purpose behind the design project is to advertise a certain product or service which you are offering to the target consumers.

Which Sectors Involve Graphic Design?

There are many industries where the use of graphic design is very crucial. Though these days, there are not many sectors that don’t. For example, it is vital in the media industry, involving newspapers, magazines, TV shows, etc. All of these use visual media to attract readership.

The entertainment industry is all about graphic design too. From album artwork, to movie posters, title sequences for a movie and so on. Then the corporate world uses graphic design to create catchy and iconic logos to spread awareness about their brand across the market.

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