Identifying the Attributes for Building an Effective Website

Identifying the Attributes for Building an Effective Website

Developing a website for your company or organization that focuses on the products or services that it provides, is a good idea which ultimately provide benefit to company itself. If one is already having an existing site, then it becomes important to understand the attributes and characteristics that can break or make the effectiveness of the online investment. A poor and unattractive developed site will hurt your business more rather than helping it to grow worldwide.

So, to build an attractive and effective website, here we have identified some of the basic attributes for delivering a high quality website design.

Building an Effective Website

Let’s have a look on it:


A site should be visually appealing as well as it should be polished giving viewers a professional look. As a typical website reflects your company, products and services, it may be the first and only impression for a potential customer because it is the only one that can create positive impression to keep visitors on your site. Some important guidelines to consider for good appearance of website are:

  • Good use of color
  • Easily readable text
  • Good use of meaningful graphics
  • Quality photography
  • Simplicity


Along with the appearance and style, the site must have its substance. The viewers and audience look for the information that helps them to in taking decision for going through with your products. Some important guidelines for having good quality content on the site are as follows:

  • Short and organized copy
  • Regular updating of the content
  • Speak to your audience
  • Consider a professional writer


Each and every component of the site must work correctly and in a prompt manner. Slow working site or broken and poorly constructed components will leave the audiences frustrated as well as disillusioned along with the company. Proper functioning of website will help your company to get high traffic and a good exposure to your website. Check two to three times the facts and figures represented on the site, as you may not know who must be quoting you tomorrow. Focus on the language used as well as the spelling used on the site. Spelling mistakes as well as bad grammar can prove to be a dark side for your website as it is an unforgivable concern related with the site.

Website Usability:

Degree of website usability is one of the most critical components that is most often overlooked. The site must be easy to read, understand as well as navigate through different pages. Some important factors that contributes to usability elements are:

  • Simplicity
  • Fast loading pages
  • Minimal scrolls
  • Consistent layouts
  • Prominent, logical navigation
  • Descriptive link text
  • Cross-platform compatibility or browser compatibility
  • Screen resolution

Search Engine Optimization:

There are numerous rules as well as guidelines for having effective search engine optimization and this cannot be considered as a right place to describe all of them. So here explaining some of the basic SEO rules:

  • Include more amount of written content in HTML format. It is not necessary to use JavaScript, Flash or image-only objects just for your navigational items.
  • Use most important keywords more frequently at appropriate positions in your copy.
  • Lower down the use of tables and make appropriate use of Cascading Style Sheets for layout positioning as well as for keeping the HTML code clutter-free.
  • Influence the use of links by making them descriptive and use the keywords in the link text.

Thus, these were some of the attributes for building an effective website.

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