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Snow Falling Effect over Picture in Photoshop

Today we are going to work over some pictures. In this Photoshop Tutorial we are going to give Snow Falling Effect over Picture in Photoshop. This is very short Photoshop Tutorial, you will get the result in very short time. Very simple, easy Photoshop Tutorial, hopefully you will love it.

Final Result of Snow Falling Effect over Picture in Photoshop:

Here is what we are going to get the result of Picture.

Step 1: New Picture File

Start out by creating a new file. Then, insert the photo you want to add the Snow Falling effect on.

Step 2:

Create a new layer and fill it with Black color.

Step 3:

Go to Filter >Artistic > Smudge Stick. Use the settings below.

Step 4:

Your Black background should now look like this:

Step 5:

Now, go to Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast. Use the settings below and apply it to the Black background layer.

Step 6:

In the Layers Window, set the black background layer’s blending mode to LIGHTEN.

Step 7:

To thicken the icy snow, apply the Brightness/Contrast settings to the black background layer one more time.

Final Image:

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