Nothing tells a story in quite the way a video does. And, when it comes to integrate video into your WordPress site is just like putting a cherry on the cake. Videos are a popular tool to enhance your post, make it informative, and visually appealing. Video culture is important to keep the things live and exciting to the users. And WordPress, being one the best content management systems offers top-notch WordPress video plugins that enable you to embed videos into your post and imbue them with best artistic qualities that effectively convey your messages.

Anyway, with that in mind, we are presenting you some of the best video plugins that help you to integrate videos into your blogs and posts. The range is wide, so we have picked the best ones to keep the things simple for you.

WordPress Video Plugins

1. TubePress:

TubePress is simple but a one of the powerful WordPress Video plugins that gives you a host of opportunity to integrate videos from either YouTube or Vimeo. Videos can be embedded on the bases of search, user, playlist, user’s favorite from the “most viewed” on YouTube.

Another benefit of this plugin is that the amount of control the user enjoys over the display of the media player. Users have the power to control the look as well the functionality of the video. The plugin comes with a host of interesting features that you can mix and match to create a perfect video gallery.

2. WP Video SEO:

Since, Google has owned YouTube, it’s obvious that the video results will appear at the top of the searches. Just like sitemap, which organizes all your blogs and posts, WP Video SEO is a great plugin that enables you to create a sitemap for your videos, making search engines to index your videos, and thus, helping you to achieve a better ranking for your video. The plugin also allows you to sync one video to a particular post or page.

3. YouTube Simple Gallery:

The YouTube Simple Gallery is also great among WordPress Video plugins, allowing users to create galleries by selecting only those videos which they want to show. Users can then insert the selected gallery into a post or a page with the help of short-codes provided by the plugin along with the URLs of the videos they want to display. The plugin also includes an option for titles and descriptions if you want to integrate into your videos.

4. Ultimate Video Gallery:

The Ultimate Video Gallery plugin is a nice and interesting plugin with a striking “playing now” option on the top. Its thumbnails automatically paginate if the number of thumbnails exceed the allowed level.

This feature rich plugin can play both YouTube as well as FLV files. Plus, users will also enjoy a firm control over the size of player and thumbnails. In addition, you can also control the title and description for each video along with a facility of selecting the main image. The plugin also allows you to create multiple galleries and has a facility to add widgets into the sidebars.

5. YouTube Master:

You Tube Master is a great video plugin that allows you to show your videos in almost every section of the WordPress site. The plugin is specifically designed and written in HTML5 codes and thus empowers you with the ability to display single as well as a full You Tube playlist. Additionally, users can also control the length and width of the videos, means you can fit them in the way just you want. Plus, those who have You Channel will find it great as it comes with an optional You Tube Button, located at the beneath of the video player. The plugin is a one stop solution for video and music freaks who are passionate about displaying their creative work in a flawless and professional way.

To Sum Up :

It is very easy to add videos to your WordPress site. It’s a robust solution to present your content in an interesting and pleasing way. It engages your users and has the potential to make their experience with your site absolutely unique and memorable. Depending on the style, layout and functionality you are looking for, you can choose any video plugin and enrich the experience of your users.

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