Internet is an amazing place. There are so many things to learn from the web. It offers a window of opportunities to people who would otherwise have been shunted out because of their geographical location. There are hundreds of websites available on the web that are helping people learn new things, acquire new skills and disseminate knowledge. But there is a dark side of internet too. There are similar numbers of website that are out there to harm the unsuspecting surfers. These websites are not but scams and if you are not careful enough, these websites can sneak into your private sphere or can siphon off huge amount of money from your bank.

Therefore, it is normal for people to feel suspicious about the activities of some websites. There are certain signs that can make people feel suspicious about the intention of a website. So, even if the intention of your website is great, it can be categorized as a ‘scam’ website by people if you fail to redress the following issues –

How Your Website is Making Visitors Feel Suspicious

1. You Are Using Pop Ups:

Come on, are you still using pop-up? This is probably one of the most hated features that everybody abhors. The very sign of annoying pop-up is a red flag for most users. It is okay if you use pop-up once for gathering some details like their email id or contact information but don’t use hundreds of them. Under no circumstances you should be asking banking or any financial information via a pop-up window.

2. Strange Domain Name:

Domain name should have logical words in it. Domain represents your brand and therefore, it should pleasing to hear and easy to remember as well. Majority of scam websites uses domain names which are very similar to that of a big brand. This is a common technique which is employed to trick users into trusting the websites. So, if you are planning to book a domain name, make sure it is unique and is no way look like a misspelled variant of a popular brand.

3. Poor Grammar:

Sites that are serious about their web presence always make sure that the content of their website is immaculate. Poor grammar, pathetic sentence formation errors etc are some features that can make people distrust your brand. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have not hired somebody whose first language is not English to write content for your website. Your attempt to save a few bucks could have a disastrous impact on the trust value of your website.

4. Value Contact Us Details:

If you have nothing to hide, why you should be hiding your business location on the website? Most scam websites don’t include contact details like – phone no or physical address of the organization. Just a plain and simple Contact form is not enough to make people feel comfortable to deal with your business. If you are not doing anything wrong, you should not be shying away from including physical address of your organization in the Contact Us page of your website.

5. Disastrous Design:

Do you like to browse a website that uses fluorescent color as its background? Definitely not because that will make your eyes bleed. Poor design is another hallmark quality of a scam websites. Since these businesses are not legitimate, they don’t want to spend money on the designing front. They use the same boring design. So if you are running a genuine business, you need to invest some amount on developing an aesthetically pleasing website.

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