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The only place where attention seeking is a virtue is in advertising and in particular, digital signage. The intention of putting up the sign in the first place is to catch people’s attention so you can tell them about your great product or service and hopefully, get more sales from that.

This is why we concentrate on the design and the overall look of the display. It has to be eye-catching and coherent so that you can get the attention and communicate effectively.

Digital Signage Design Themes

Two of the Same:

As a result, two elements in the digital signage design are keenly considered:

  • Theme
  • Template

Most people erroneously use these terms to refer to the same thing: the background or the layout of the display. So let us clear things up, shall we?

A theme is defined a set of elements coordinated to produce the overall look of your display. These elements include layouts, templates, logos, bulleting backgrounds, layout wallpapers, date/time modules and weather module.

On the other hand, a template is a message placed in a background image, communicated using text and image blocks that are set for the content creators to fill in. You can either have it designed by your digital signage manager, or simply download one yourself.

What are they Good For?

There are some overlapping benefits to having either of these design elements in your digital signage. They include:

1. Enforcing your Brand:

This can be found in the logo and the color choices of the wallpaper for the theme as well as in the colors of the template and in the choice of the background image.

These two elements provide a solid backdrop on which you can cement and enhance you brand’s visibility with each display and visibility is always good for business.

2. Directs the Content:

The structure provided by both the theme and template of a specific design directs the kind of content that you can have displayed. This acts as something of a standard measure so that nothing below par will pass for display.

Individually, there are several other benefits that template and themes can provide. Let’s start off with the theme.

One benefit of having a theme is that you can make the content look more interesting. You may be talking about a subject that is not especially interesting but a well-designed theme can make all the difference.

Further, you can change up your theme’s appearance to attract and retain people’s attention as they anticipate what you are going to do next. It is a much simpler way of doing this without burdening the content developers.

As for templates, they provide the benefit of ease and convenience. You do not need to be tech savvy to use a template, all you have to do is have something to say and fill in the blanks. It helps reduce costs because you can fill in the content yourself without having to hire a content developer especially for a start-up business.

And with that, you may now download your themes and templates!

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