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If you are running a commercial printing business or simply handling a lot of printing tasks in your company, there is one tool that can make you avoid print problems, which might bring losses to your business. Handling large printing jobs requires that you have proper management of the documents to prevent things like double printing of files, having missing fonts, incorrect image resolution, and other issues. Markzware FlightCheck is one stand-alone tool, designed to check native as well as PDF files you are printing to ensure that you get the right quality.

It is one tool that people running businesses such as creative designers, commercial print shops, press departments, graphic designers and customer service representatives should have. It will provide them with a handy solution to their printing needs by ensuring that they have quality digital print results.

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In Which Printing Jobs Can FlightCheck be Used?

Many kinds of print jobs require massive production of printing materials. Using this tool will help you streamline your printing work, ensure you get quality control, and prevent re-printing. If you are going to re-print documents because you realized that they do not have the right quality, then it can be quite costly.

However, if you can identify some of the mistakes early, you are able to correct them and reduce waste of resources. Using this tool also saves you time and money because if you have to repeat printing tasks simply because some of the documents did not have clear fonts or quality images, it will not only take more time but also cost you more.

Businesses are able to cut back on the cost of printing when they use this tool. It also improves efficiency in that it can manage and control the output of documents to ensure only quality documents are produced.

Business people can use the tool when they are printing advertisements, brochures, magazines, manuals, catalogues, leaflets, menus, and other promotional documents for their business. In addition, it can be useful when printing training materials or other documents for a company. Those handling press departments can also manage their news magazine prints using this software program.

Issues That FlightCheck Can Help Resolve:

Using FlightCheck will help you preflight digital files and then direct you to the print problem so that you can initiate repairs. The program guides you through the process using a preflight checklist.

When preflighting digital files, this program will identify print errors and bring out a report that details issues such as incorrect resolution on images, incorrect colors, transparency in documents, missing fonts, and spot colors. Such mistakes may not be apparent to you when you are managing the print work but they can occur frequently causing you a lot of losses and waste of time.

Since you do not want to produce inferior prints, you have to use a tool that can manage and help identify errors before they take their toll on your print results, something that can affect your business growth and continuity.

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