Google’s Mobile Optimization Email Warnings: New Search Algorithm

Google’s Mobile Optimization Email Warnings – Is it a Sign of a New Search Algorithm in the Making

Over the past few days, Google has been sending email notification to webmaster users regarding sites that are not mobile friendly. The emails come with a subject that reads, “Fix mobile usability issues” it is called Google’s Mobile Optimization Email Warnings, and then the body of the email goes into details to explain to the webmasters that their websites have a high number of mobile errors on their pages.

Google is sending these notifications via email as well as through webmaster notifications. The primary aim of these emails is to remind the webmasters that their websites are not mobile friendly and thus will not rank well in mobile search.

Google’s Mobile Optimization Email Warnings

New Technology Trends:

Mobile phone technology has advanced at very fast rate within the last few years and in some sense, it has outpaced the computer technology. One of the major innovations that have revolutionized the use of mobile phones is the incorporation of internet connectivity capability. In fact, the latest mobile phone models have high-speed data connectivity capability. As a result, the number of people searching for content from mobile websites has greatly increased.

Go Mobile Responsive with Your Website:

It is crucial that webmasters invest in the development mobile sites in order to remain visible among potential customers. The portability of the mobile phone makes it very convenient when searching for online content while on the move. They offer a high degree of flexibility especially for those individuals who are always on the road. In addition, the gadgets come in a broad range of prices that are relatively cheap compared to computers. Hence are very accessible by significant proportion of the population.

Accessibility and Visibility:

There are various advantages of optimizing websites for mobile, which makes them very popular for online selling, buying, processing of transactions and providing products user guide and other related tips to customers. One main advantage is the fact that they are accessible to anyone who has internet access on a mobile phone. They are compatible with all operating systems, which is a major limitation of mobile applications. As a result, there is no potential customer excluded from viewing uploaded content; it thus promotes greater customer reach.

Ease of Development:

Another advantage of optimizing websites for mobile is the ease of development. In fact, Google provides free tools for building this type of sites, which denotes free SEO tips and cues. Many excellent and practical templates for customizing the sites are available on the internet. These templates not only save the cost but also help marketers avoid the hustle and bustle associated with the website design and development.

Increased Traffic:

More importantly, is that Google’s Mobile Optimization websites are very useful in boosting search traffic to conventional websites and the respective marketer’s social media page. It is very easy for potential customers to get onto a company website via mobile phone supported site, which act as the launching pad for marketing on the web.

With these emails, it is evident that a new web ranking algorithm from Google is about to launch, and Google does not want to keep web owners on the other side of the fence. To help users, Google initiated a tool for the webmasters to test if their sites are mobile friendly.

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