February 22, 2024

Almost half of Twitter users tend to follow brands on twitter. This means, Twitter is a great hunting ground for marketers to identify and to reach out to potential customers. Twitter is amazing. You get the opportunity to drive tons of traffic to your website, generate leads and to increase awareness about your brand thanks to Twitter. Now, most of us are aware of the basics of twitter marketing but to edge past your competitors and to gain traction for your brands, you need to arm yourself with next level Twitter marketing Secrets & tips and tricks. Here we are going to share with you some Twitter tips that you should be giving a try –

Share The Same Content Multiple Times:

There is no harm in sharing the same content twice or even thrice. Don’t expect people visiting your Twitter profile. People rarely do that. Since people don’t stay online all the time, most of your twitter followers might not be able to see those updates done by you. Therefore, don’t feel shy if you have to share the same content / link multiple times because there is nothing wrong in that practice. However, make sure that you are using different combination of words and phrases just to make those updates appear different.

Twitter Marketing Secrets

Create A Twitter Calendar:

You simply can’t miss out on important events. We don’t expect you to remember all the important events and festivals throughout the year. You need to create a calendar and then mark out all the important events and dates so that you don’t forget a single one of them. This will enable you to connect to your audience on a deeper level.

Use Hashtags Properly:

Hashtags are powerful. But most people don’t know how to use them properly. Use of some random words or obvious phrases is not going to do any magic. You need to spend some time to come up with a creative and interesting hashtags that people really like and want to use it. If you are using multiple words in the hashtags, you need to make sure that you are using Camel Case otherwise people might fail to get your message. And don’t use cuss words in the hashtags because you are managing the official account of a brand and therefore, you should always be avoiding the use of wrong words.

Optimize Your Profile:

It is great to see your tweets getting multiple retweet or the tweets are sending tons of traffic to your website but you should not ignore the fact that people will always be forming an idea about the brand by looking at the profile. They will go through the posts, check out the cover image and other stuff before clicking the link of your website. You need to have a pinned post to grab people’s attention and also it would be great if you can have unique bio.

Send Your Twitter Followers to Website and Vice Versa:

You need to incorporate links of your website in the tweets so that people click on them and then land on the web page. This will help your website get tons of traffic. However, you need to do the opposite by encouraging visitors to tweets the links of the web page. This can be done easily by using some plugins like TweetDis that allows people to tweet a particular block of texts that they find interesting. Try similar plugins to encourage people share the links of the web pages in their social circles.

Chat with People:

Last but not least, Twitter Marketing Secrets is, don’t be afraid to chat with your followers whenever there is an opportunity. Whenever you find that people are chatting on topics related to your business models, you can join in. This will help you build a long standing relationship with your followers.

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