Any website owner desire that their web pages be on the top lists of the search engines’ organic search results. After all, when you have a website, you want it to become accessible easily to the online readers worldwide. There are many ways to achieve success in search engine natural rankings and one of them is by knowing more about website crawling. This process will make use of web crawler, which is the term for internet bot working to methodically browse the internet with the aim of Web indexing. Search engines like Google make use of the system of web crawling in order to update the content of their rankings as well as in indexing the web content of other websites. It is possible for web crawlers to copy the web pages they have visited for afterward dealing out by a search engine that cataloging the downloaded pages in order for the users to search them in faster manner. Other works of these web crawlers are to validate HTML codes and hyperlinks and in the process of web scraping.

If your site gets crawled more often, you will see improvement on the ranking of your page or content in search engine results.

Top 10 Tips to Get your Website Crawled Quickly by Google

Take a Look at These 10 Tips to Get Your Site Crawled Faster by Google:

  • Creating more relevant content. Many readers online look for new things to read, information to know and so on. In other words, readers want new contents. Google web crawlers always look for new contents and therefore, make sure that you have new contents regularly. Be in the know about content optimization through SEO Syracuse.
  • As you create content, make sure that they are unique. Even though Google likes lots of content, it does not want to find similar or the same contents.
  • Loading performance of your site is important. Speed is a big factor for online readers as well as with Google. Speed of loading of the web site is now becoming a huge factor in rankings.
  • Adjust the frequency of crawling in the setting from Google Webmaster Tools. Just go to the “Configuration” Tab, and then in the “Setting” and then change the frequency from there.
  • Adding a sitemap can also help in this cause and for the simple reason that Google likes seeing them.
  • It is important that your server is always up and running and it must be running!
  • Google wants the web pages to be in the place where they expect them to be. It does not like websites whose server encounters problems and issues.
  • It is also necessary that your site will get links. Logically, more traffic will bring success in rankings. When web crawlers from Google do their job and you have lots of links scattered throughout the internet, it will be a positive for you.
  • Be in the know about the rate of crawling. This is the monitoring aspect.
  • Finally, it will be a plus if you have Google+ and you will share your page on the social networking site of Google.

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