Website Navigation Mistakes That You Should Avoid

A proper navigation is the backbone of a Website. Your website simply stands no chance to win over your targeted audience if people find the website navigation overtly complicated. Frustrated they will eventually leave your website which is certainly not a positive sign for things to come. Therefore, it makes sense that you should be utmost attention when it comes to designing a fully functional and simple navigation for your website.

To put it in simple words, navigation of your website should be simple and intuitive. Below are some hallmark qualities of a simple navigation that you should not be ignoring –

Website Navigation Mistakes


The navigation structure of the internal pages should not be any different from the Home page. Using a radically different navigation structure for different pages is going to confuse the visitors. Once people become comfortable with the navigation structure of your website, there is no need to change it in some internal pages as this will heap more misery on them. Remember that not all visitors are tech savvy and therefore, you need to keep your creative side in check.

Too Long:

You should not be unnecessarily extending the length of the menu. For example, instead of using this – ‘Learn More About Our Company’ in the navigation section, we can use this text – ‘About Us’ or ‘Our Company’. This is a minor change but it will not eat into the screen. It will be even more helpful for those who are browsing your website via mobile devices.

Too Many Options:

When you are giving people too many options to choose from, they will find it even more difficult to make a choice. Too many options mean people will be spending long time to explore their features. This is certainly not going to help you.

Problem starts creeping in as soon as you start cramming all the pages in the Top Navigation. You should not be adding thousands of pages in the top navigation as this will confuse the visitors. Only keep the links of important sections of the website.

Non-Responsive Design:

Mega Menu looks stunning on desktop but the same can’t be said of mobile devices. Mega Menu is not built for mobile devices though there are many websites using it for mobile devices. But since people are switching between multiple devices, it become mandatory for web designers to make sure that they are using responsive navigation. Website Builder like MotoCMS is using responsive design for the same reason. Its latest version MotoCMS 3.0 has wide range of responsive templates to choose from if you want to build a website from the scratch.


You should be using different colors for texts and background. You need to make sure that there is enough contrast between these two so that people can easily read the texts.

So these are some tips that you should be trying to incorporate while designing a perfect navigation system for your website.

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