5 Top-Rated Code Editors Designers and Developers Must Know

The web has introduced significant improvements over the years, in the form of tools that designers and developers use to streamline their project work, and continues to bring new tools that make the designing and development tasks easier and faster. Most importantly, some of the few tools have made it possible to develop code from anywhere. You don’t need to use any bulky software for coding practices, rather you just need to use lightweight online code editors and enjoy a fun coding experience.

Whether you’re a web designer or a developer, at times you’ll need to do coding by hand. However, coding can become a time-consuming and hectic task when it comes to developing large-size websites or applications. Basically, it becomes difficult to manage long lines of codes when building a site or an application, which might even result in reduced productivity.

Fortunately, there are several code editors that can make the process of coding much more convenient for both designers, as well as, web developers. No matter whether you want to edit your CSS files or want to play around with custom or complicated code, using a code editor can help you find errors while writing code. In a nutshell, these code editors provide many great functionalities to help webmasters complete their project work efficiently.

5 Top-Rated Code Editors Designers and Developers Must Know

In this post, you’ll find 5 of the most widely-used and best code editors that will help you write and test your code without any hassle.

1. Brackets:

It is a lightweight yet powerful text editor that combines visual tools and pre-processor support, to make designing and developing across different browsers a hassle-free task. Brackets come bundled with a Quick Edit Option that helps make the tasks such as editing colors, making edits to the CSS and other coding activities a breeze.

The code editor is built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript web technologies that make the task of front end developers and web designers a lot easier, as they’re probably already familiar with those technologies.

Key Features:

  • The editor is fast
  • Implements code completion
  • Offers plenty of extensions and more.

2. jsdo.it:

If you’re looking for a reliable coding community that can assist you in your coding endeavors, then jsdo.it is code editor is worth exploring. It is, basically, a coding community aimed for front-end engineers like mark-up developers, web designers, etc.

It allows you to experiment with your codes online. Additionally, it even gives you the ability to share the codes with other users as your portfolio, which can help in establishing you as a trusted professional.

Key features:

  • Provides a convenient space wherein your codes can be saved, just like the Github repository.
  • Allows sharing code with team mates.

3. Code Anywhere:

Code Anywhere is an ideal toolset for developers that helps in producing flawless code on the fly. It allows to edit, collaborate and run code on a range of modern browsers. And thus, it gives you the freedom to work with any browser of your choice. The editor helps in setting up a customized development environment that supports commonly used languages such as PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and 71 other languages.

Apart from creating a custom development environment, you can choose to use a pre-made development environment as well, so as to focus on your coding tasks. The Codeanywhere editor provides access to built-in features that will help write code in a highly productive and fun way.

Key Features:

  • Code completion
  • Linting
  • Code beautify, etc.

4. Dabblet:

Primarily built to focus on CSS and HTML code, the Dabblet code editor provides all the features for projects that helps work on HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. The best aspect about this code editor is that use “prefix-free” feature, and thereby saves you from the hassle of adding the prefix in your stylesheet code.

This is a hard to ignore tool for novice designers and developers, seeking for a playground to test their HTML and CSS code snippets.

Key Features:

  • Allows to save all your coding work in Github gists
  • Help add the code on other sites
  • Enables sharing the code with your team

5. Bluefish:

Developed for programmers and web developers, Bluefish is one of the most sough-after code editor that provides several options to write source codes, scripts and sites. What’s best about Bluefish is that supports many different web and markup languages. Furthermore, the editor helps in integrating external programs (like lint, weblint, javac, etc.) and external filters.

Most importantly, it allows to undo/redo functionality as much as you like.

Key Features:

  • It is an extremely fast code editor and loads hundreds of files in just a few seconds
  • Provide support for customizable programming language
  • Full-screen editing
  • Provide support for Zen coding


If you want to streamline your coding work when designing and developing a website or an application, then you shouldn’t ignore the 5 code editors discussed as above.

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